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August 05 2014


December 20 2013

Don’t pull up the ladder. Acknowledge that a ladder existed. Make better and more ladders.
Allen Tan
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November 18 2012

Alex Peake: Hacking the future of hacker spaces. What would the world be like if 100% of humans were literate coders, hackers, artists, scientists, thinkers & doers? How do we reach the "2 billion under 20" (not just the 20)?
Featuring a shout-out to @metalab

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October 09 2012

Earth is a busy planet. Following its daily quibbles and hickups does not make sense if you want to contribute to their solution.
But ignoring the large scale trends and deeply entrenched issues humanity faces is not wise either. Try to find patterns and trends. Try to find the reasons why things happened the way they did. Could they have gone completely differently? How? How could you have influenced a different, more desirable development. Asking and answering these questions will make you a citizen of the world.
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August 09 2012

Almost everyone is practically malnourished when it comes to ambition. ... Most people don't know how ambitious to be, especially when they're young. They don't know what's hard, or what they're capable of. This problem is exacerbated by having few [ambitious] peers. ... When you take people like this and put them together with other ambitious people, they bloom like dying plants given water.
Paul Grahan: The Anatomy of Determination
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August 01 2012

What important truth do very few people agree with you on?
Peter Thiel's CS183: Startup - Class 1 Notes Essay

July 15 2012

Status: In San Francisco for the summer.
(Animation by Hypno SF)
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July 09 2012

My life goal: To never become one of those old people whose death young people are waiting for so that change can happen.
Twitter / sfslim
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June 25 2012

The things to do are: the things that need doing, that you see need to be done, and that no one else seems to see need to be done.
Buckminster Fuller
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June 05 2012

When the television came, the children could [immediately] see the new ways [...]. What changed [them] was not a change in the theory of the educational system, but the change in the environment.
It was only [the few inventors of radio and television] who changed all of humanity [by changing] the environment. In the newer environment, everyone acted differently. ... That is what makes people act spontaneously in a preferred way.
R. Buckminster Fuller (1971)
Technology is our biggest lever. Let's change environments. (But let's not forget to consider those not immediately benefiting from those changes and those scared by them).
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November 16 2011

The act of discovery [is] not complete until [you have] taught [what you learned] to someone else.
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December 31 2010

May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.
— Neil Gaiman
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December 24 2010

Light a small fire, watch the smoke rise, watch the paths clear, stand in awe of what you’ve done, warm yourself, then move along to light another.
Dallas Clayton
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November 08 2010

I love tricking people into doing what they love to do.
Mitch Altman
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August 01 2010

Man, I want this as a mobile augmented reality app. Someone needs to geolocate and stitch up all photos ever made.
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April 21 2010

In situations where almost every outcome has been decided in advance according to a set of impersonal and predefined rules and regulations, the only way in which people are able to gain some control over their lives is to exploit 'zones of uncertainty' where the outcomes are not already known.
Bureaucracy - Wikipedia
Life goal: Exploiting zones of uncertainty.
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December 10 2009


June 15 2009

[An] important social problem facing technologists today: how to dynamically and vigorously mix ideas on the internet without chaos.
DanielBMarkham @ Hacker News

May 23 2009


A ShouldDo list

  • Help all the sad people Wish I knew how.
  • Foster better informed citizenry. First step: Improve online news? Work in progress.
  • Improve online communication tools: Mailing lists, forums, wikis: So much to improve with each of those. Can software recreate the effect of a competent moderator in a face to face discussion? First step: ?
  • Improve learning materials: more interactivity, more visualization, more collaboration, intuitive devices (multi-touch tablets, probably). First step: ?
  • Support creative, active people
    • Hacker stipends: YCombinator for people who do stuff, commercial or not. Grassroots Grundeinkommen. The basic income house. First step: Get rich?
    • Bring ambitious people together
  • Establish programming & web tech as core competency for journalists, politicians, teachers, ..., everyone. Because in those jobs, you just need to be able to effectively use, but also flexibly build and customize, tools for information retrieval, visualization & communication. First step: Courses @ Metalab?
  • Radically simplify computing user interfaces. First step: Standardize (some aspects of) web UI? Some sort of seal of approval for cloud services with OpenID login, Atom & AtomPub APIs, oAuth?, standard UI patterns, standard i18n patterns,... "Regular people can use these tools in any combination!"
  • Reform election laws: Less influence of geographic location, abolish hurdles, Condorcet, etc. First step: Start a campaign?
  • Liberal/libertarian political activism: Next step: Because of the incompetence of actors at the Austrian political party level, escalate to EU level or focus on cross-party projects.
  • Integration/local community building: Free pies, or something.
  • Upbringing and education are probably the greatest points of leverage... think about those some more.
  • Everything requires: Money to survive, other people and the ability to motivate them, more discipline, stable sleep cycle, more delegation,...
  • See also here (German)
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March 29 2009

When people use your electronic systems to do anything – renew a fishing license, register a pregnancy, apply for planning permission – give them the option to collaborate with other people going through or affected by the same process.
mySociety » Top 5 Internet Priorities for the Next Government (any next Government) via Heiferman
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