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June 18 2014


June 17 2014

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February 11 2014


January 07 2014

Our problem isn’t technical. It’s political and social. But we keep using the wrong tools. Because if cryptography doesn’t work you are just not using enough of it, right?

We as a scene need to exit the shock cycle and start developing new utopias.

We have to understand that surveillance is not the enemy but the symptom of a global society being so afraid of the world that it sacrifices anything to anyone promising a certain level of control.

And that is where we stumble: Because where politicians promise control by surveillance and the force of law we try to promise the same thing by technology indistinguishable from magic. We follow the same narrative that others can sell a lot better than we can.
Shock and Awe at #30C3 | Nodes in a social network
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December 27 2013

[The] wilful blindness of [people] convinced code will save the world just helps perpetuate a sexist, racist, classist environment where white guys with computer science degrees can continue jerking off other white guys with computer science degrees until millions of dollars fall in their laps and they can shout, “MERITOCRACY.”
Betabeat Reporter Jessica Roy Says Goodbye
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December 13 2013

Das nur nach Leistung beurteilen gemäß der Hackerethik anstatt nach „Aussehen, Alter, Herkunft, Spezies, Geschlecht oder gesellschaftliche[r] Stellung“ ist zwar ein netter Versuch, aber einer, der in einer Gesellschaft, die von diskriminierenden Strukturen durchzogen ist, natürlich nicht gegen Diskriminierung wirkt sondern diese reproduziert.
Chaos exClusion Club | sanczny
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November 21 2013

How British cyberneticist Stafford Beer's writing, infographics, and industrial design for his ambitious Cybersyn Project worked together to create a science fictional narrative of omniscience and omnipotence for Salvador Allende's socialist government in Chile.

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October 26 2013

[The event] was highly publicized, including a BBC article and a post on his Instagram.
— Just another crazy YouTube comment – or an insightful point on the shifting balance of power on the internet?

October 18 2013

Without institutional innovation, the benefits of technological innovation are likely to remain hyperconcentrated at the top. It's a kind of trickle-down thinking to think that, by itself, technology equals prosperity.

Tech and institutions are complements. Just as the industrial revolution's steam engines and factories needed corporations and capital markets to get the most out of them, so the eudaimonic revolution's radical technologies will need equally radical new institutions to bring forth their maximum, most disruptive potential.
America's (Really) Big Ideas Deficit | Umair Haque. On Global Prosperity.
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October 12 2013

Society is a network, not a hierarchy. ...

Information exists in motion. ...

Being the users of the state, we are increasingly annoyed by its archaic interface. ...

It is our duty to protect the freedom [that made the web]. We owe it to next generations, just like the environment. ...

What we want is genuine democracy. Democracy that, perhaps, is more than is dreamt of in your journalism.
We, the Web Kids - Pastebin.com
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September 03 2013


The more we expect technology to protect us from people in the same way it protects us from nature, the more we will sacrifice the very values of our society. [...] Human beings adapt and you get less risk reduction than you'd expect -- and you also get more side effects, because we all adapt.

Schneier on Security: Our Newfound Fear of Risk
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August 21 2013

Can you remember what it was like back when there weren't glowing holes of possibility everywhere you looked, in every hand, on every desk? The surface of one's surroundings was solid, opaque. Aside from the escape of a good book or magazine, you basically were stuck wherever you were.
The Delicate Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Khaela Maricich
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April 24 2013

Öffentlich ist, was einen Link hat.
Das Bewusstsein, Wissen jederzeit referenzieren zu können, wertet dieses Wissen auf.
Michael Seemann: Über das Lesen im Digitalen
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April 03 2013

Peer collaboration is an ancient tradition, with a history as rich and illustrious as the more commonly celebrated histories of states or markets. The Internet is the most visible recent achievement in that tradition. Society has long benefited from non-market forms of open collaboration, and there aren’t enough voices in the current political conversation reminding us of those benefits. For peer progressives, the Internet is a case-study and a role model.
stevenberlinjohnson.com: What Peer Progressives Really Believe
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January 12 2013

The Internet has shown us that the pool of people with talent far outnumbers the few with the background, connections, and wealth to get to a place in society where they can practice their talents professionally.
Professional Politicians Beware! | Rebooting the System Aaron Swartz RIP ;(
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November 23 2012

True Skin:  A sci-fi short set in the not too distant future where augmentation is the way of life.
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November 18 2012

Alex Peake: Hacking the future of hacker spaces. What would the world be like if 100% of humans were literate coders, hackers, artists, scientists, thinkers & doers? How do we reach the "2 billion under 20" (not just the 20)?
Featuring a shout-out to @metalab

(Now without autoplay – @Andi and @wizard23, please delete and repost again.)
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The Westphalian nation state comes with huge contradictions and paradoxes if you consider the extent of travel and communication today. A model that evolved to handle territorial boundaries in an age when it took two days to cover 100 km is bizarrely inappropriate in an age when it takes two days to span the antipodes.
2512 - Charlie Stross
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October 25 2012

We can make Mars like Earth and live there. On a new planet. We can rocket to another world and build. Cities. Other rocket ships. We’ll— are you listening to me? Are you hearing the words that I’m saying? Why are you not excited about this?

What I have discovered is: ... The philosophical root of objection to Mars is not concerned with Mars at all. People who stand opposed to Mars think we sort of suck.

A love of Mars is a belief in humanity’s potential, and destiny. ... We may think people are good or [not], but we uniformly believe that people have the potential to be amazing. We tend to forgive ourselves our distant pasts completely, to only concern ourselves with the present occasionally, and to dream about the future relentlessly.

This is the story that Icarus told and the Wright Brothers fixed. We may not be a creature made to fly, but we are something far greater. We are a creature made to dream. We are a creature made to become whatever we want to become. ... We have work to do.
On Being Martian | Michael Solana (via enki)
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October 20 2012

The internet is still in its infancy. The mobile space is a goddamn zygote. Stand tall, Mr. Dev and Mrs. Entrepreneur; don’t be discouraged. There’s so much more we can do in this space.
Anatomy of a Hoax
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