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November 05 2013

There aren’t people who are A players and C players. Just people who are performing at an A level and at a C level.
Get Shit Done: The Worst Startup Culture Ever
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August 22 2012

You don’t need time off. If you think you do, you’re in a Job and should stop thinking it’s a startup, because it will fail.
Startup is not your job «  Bostjan, Rational Idealist
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February 24 2012

First version of Vimeo. Whoa!
via Elepath, Inc.
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February 09 2012

The future of our economy depends on the rebels succeeding: At every point in the last forty years, wealth, health, and happiness in our economy has been built on the freedom to disrupt the entrenched powers, not the preservation of their rent-seeking monopolies.

It will be the same with the RIAA, the MPAA, Intellectual Ventures, and everyone else scheming to enthral the people with digital “rights” management and criminal prosecution of “file sharing.” In the destruction of the monopolization of ideas lies the seeds of another revolution, one that will bring wealth, freedom, and jobs.
I have a bad feeling about this - raganwald
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February 07 2012

If the problem you are trying to solve involves creating a magnum opus, you are solving the wrong problem.
Find a faster way to fail, recover, and try again.
Aza Raskin

December 05 2011


HAXLR8R :: Hardware Accelerator

Startup accelerator program based in Shenzhen and the Bay area that helps people turn their hardware prototypes into companies.
First application deadline: Jan 31st, 2010

October 08 2011

Death is the default for startups, and most towns don't save them. ... There are two components to the antidote: being in a place where startups are the cool thing to do, and chance meetings with people who can help you. And what drives them both is the number of startup people around you. ...

Having people around you care about what you're doing is an extraordinarily powerful force. ... It is a particularly valuable thing when the atmosphere around you encourages you to do something that would otherwise seem too ambitious. In most places the atmosphere pulls you back toward the mean.
Paul Graham: Why Startup Hubs Work
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October 06 2011

"done right all A/B testing will eventually lead to porn" via @aweissman

October 04 2011

Yes, things are a little screwy all over the place, but you can do ANYTHING you want now. NONE of the perfect software has been written. It's all waiting for improvement. You can do anything you want and profit from it.
— Wccrawford countering the previous post on Hacker News

July 07 2011

In a[n early stage] startup there are no job descriptions. There's triage.
Christopher Kahler, Qriously
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February 01 2011


January 26 2011

When a [software] product is 80% of the way there, the people behind it see a product that's nearly done. Your audience, on the other hand, sees a piece of garbage.
— notJim @ Hacker News
Tags: dev startup
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January 15 2011

Anyone claiming to know the One True Way -- Chinese Mothers, 37signals, a church -- is wrong. Experiment, adapt and find your own.
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The biggest challenge I face as a technical founder is programming. To be more specific: stopping programming. For years I have measured my progress by ticking off features delivered, bugs fixed or user stories completed. It's a well understood system and it's easy to track, but that's not what I should be doing. My job as a founder is to find a repeatable business model that will make money, and the only route to achieving this is via validated learning.
Good Coffee Good Code
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December 21 2010

Why am I doing this? For some people, getting up on stage is the most natural thing in the world. Not me. Some people love going to conferences, mixers, and summits. Not me. Some people thrive in the “startup scene.” Not me. ... And yet, here I was, about to try and convince nearly a thousand people that I had something valuable to say about entrepreneurship.
Eric Ries: Why do we do this?
...and look where he and his Lean Startup movement are now. A powerful story of drive overcoming fear.

October 17 2010


My favorite Startup School talks

Attended YCombinator Startup School at Stanford yesterday. Here are the highlights: Entertaining war stories from AirBnB and Groupon, bootstrapping advocacy from GitHub, informative Paul Graham, motivating Ron Conway, interesting Mark Zuckerberg.
Tags: startup

October 14 2010


Zuckerberg said that he did not create [thefacebook.com] with the intention of generating revenue. ... "At one point I thought about making the website so that you could upload a resume too, and for a fee companies could search for Harvard job applicants. But I don’t want to touch that. It would make everything more serious and less fun."

Hundreds Register for New Facebook Website | The Harvard Crimson [2004]
I have incredible respect for Mark growing this little campus experiment into what it is today. Still haven't seen the movie yet. Maybe tonight?
Tags: wonder startup
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May 13 2010

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CocoVivo: coworking on a small island in Panama. Yes, there's wifi. What's keeping you here?
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April 21 2010

In situations where almost every outcome has been decided in advance according to a set of impersonal and predefined rules and regulations, the only way in which people are able to gain some control over their lives is to exploit 'zones of uncertainty' where the outcomes are not already known.
Bureaucracy - Wikipedia
Life goal: Exploiting zones of uncertainty.
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March 15 2010

I have an idea worth minus a million.
Artemy Lebedev
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