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November 22 2012


August 12 2012


SolidFeedback – Piratenpartei Deutschland

"Ich ärgere mich über das/störe mich am Verhalten folgender Person und möchte ihr hierfür Feedback geben..." – ein persönliches Troubleticket-System einiger exponierter Piraten. Interessant!
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August 02 2012

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Peter Kruse: Digital Residents vs. Digital Visitors als Kampf kultureller Wertewelten.
(Exhibit A: Aktuelle Konflikte in der Österreichischen Piratenpartei.)

Weiters: Social Software erzwingt ein unaufhaltsames, grundlegendes Umdenken der Gesellschaft: Netzwerke mit positiven Rückkoppelungseffekten kann man nicht mehr unter Kontrolle bringen. Macht verschiebt sich vom Anbieter auf den Nachfrager. Das Selbstbewusstsein der Gesellschaft steigt. "Ihr werdet Euch noch wünschen, wir wären politikverdrossen!"
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July 03 2012

The genius of capitalism and democracy is that both systems embrace the destructive forces of competition and self-interest and channel them in a positive direction.
Something similar needs to be done with information: a manner for arguments and information to compete in a way that kills the weak ideas and leaves only the strong.
Scott Adams
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November 30 2011



The NewsChallenge-funded project by the people behind the awesome DavisWiki has released the first version of their Django-based user-friendly wiki with integrated maps – see it in production at DentonWiki. Looks nice! Wienwiki, finally, anyone?

April 29 2010


Open Atrium

This looks useful: Drupal-based open source collaboration software including a hierarchical wiki, ticketing, blog, calendar, etc -- with extendability baked in (decentralized "feature servers").

January 05 2010


How to say stupid things about social media

Cory Doctorow debunking "It's inconsequential", "It is ugly" and "It is ephemeral".
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November 26 2009


Adhocracy-Konzept - Liquid Democracy Software

"Liquid Democracy ist kein politisches System, sondern soziale Software"

November 22 2009

The basic pattern of openness is that better access to information and better systems lead to better decisions and better living. This general principal is broadly accepted, but we're just now discovering that it also applies to the minutiae of our lives.
Sharing your boring thoughts and activities may seem narcissistic and self-absorbed at first, but there is virtue and benefit in it.
Paul Buchheit: Open as in water, the fluid necessary for life
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November 10 2009



a platform for virtual direct democracies where you can cooperate to create and select solutions to your organization's challenges.


"like a wiki, but you can't edit the articles directly. Instead you can edit articles within a proposal and then the members of the community can vote to accept or reject the changes"

June 15 2009

[An] important social problem facing technologists today: how to dynamically and vigorously mix ideas on the internet without chaos.
DanielBMarkham @ Hacker News

February 26 2009

I suspect most of the techniques for discouraging stupid comments have yet to be discovered. Xkcd implemented a particularly clever one in its IRC channel: don't allow the same thing twice. Once someone has said "fail," no one can ever say it again.
What I've Learned from Hacker News
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What a disaster that would be, to attract thousands of smart people to a site that caused them to waste lots of time.
Paul Graham: What I've Learned from Hacker News

February 11 2009

Social media is people. People talk about stuff. The end.
Bobbie Johnson: Why I'm finished with 'social media' | Technology | guardian.co.uk
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January 25 2009


Do Tags Work?

titles and descriptions are almost always a more useful definition of the thing being tagged (esp. when searching across large datasets); people generally don’t use verbs when tagging
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