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August 14 2013

There's a documentary about the amazing Rae Spoon coming out. The soundtrack is being released as a new album too – regrettably leaving behind the electronics of the last two though. If you're intrigued, go for this one first.

July 26 2012

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Purity Ring–Belispeak
Favorite new music of 2012, no contest. Give it a shot. More: Fineshrine.
Tags: marvel music
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November 17 2011


October 18 2011

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Radical Face ("Mountains") live in San Francisco, recorded by Connor Ellmann

Ooooh, so pretty – this sets new standards for amateur(ish) concert recordings.

The artist is amazing – both in this incarnation and as one of his other projects: Electric President.
He occupied two spots on my best of 2010 mixtape (budget of that linked video: $150). The above is a song from an epic in-progress self-released three-album collection of songs set around "a fictional family tree ranging from around 1800 to 1950, cobbled together from genealogy charts and personal experiences and stories I've read" that he worked on for the last few years, fighting his label to retain the creative freedom to follow through with this hardly-marketable concept.
He goes on "no clubs" tours playing people's backyards and "odd locations" only, collaborates with local choral groups for performances (like the one in this video), records humble tutorials on how to play his songs and just generally seems to be an all-around good person with a wonderful voice and great songwriting skills.

September 24 2011

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A Lull – Some Love (live at SXSW 2011)

Oh! This!! Drumming!!! There aren't enough exclamation marks in the world to express how badly I want to see these guys live.
This isn't even their best song (this is), but it does have a nice video featuring hipsters romantically vandalizing a farm.
Tags: marvel music
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July 07 2011

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tUnE-yArDs–Bizness  just blew my tiny little mind. Repeat. Repeat. One more time!
Tags: marvel music
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June 14 2011

Son Lux–All the Right Things
(That moment when the beat kicks in at 01:11 ♥)
Tags: marvel music

April 12 2011


Son Lux: We Are Rising (full album stream)

This. Very good. Should listen. You! Too excited for grammar.
Tags: marvel music

April 11 2011

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Freelance Whales–Generator ^ First Floor

(Ooooh. I just fell head over heels in love with this song ♥)
Tags: marvel music
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April 07 2011

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Huge Japanese Rube-Goldbergian Xylophone contraption plays Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring".
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April 03 2011

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Natalie Beridze aka TBA – What About Things Like Bullets
Futuristic, minimal, unsettling, beautiful, electronic: I haven't been this intrigued by new music for a while.
She's from Georgia (the country) and just released an album on Monika Enterprise. See another amazing video (to a more ambient song).

Oh internet, you're full of exciting things today...
Tags: marvel music
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March 19 2011

Son Lux makes some of the most exciting music I know of right now: Complex structures, varied instrumentation, sparse lyrics, epic beats. Weapons VII was my second-favorite song of 2010.
He created his new album We Are Rising in 28 days, documenting his progress for NPR with audio sketches and videos, giving insights into what seems like a delightful, collaborative creative process. I can't wait to hear the full length versions of the songs teasered here. Hear the title track over here.

March 13 2011

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O Superman is a 1981 song by experimental performance artist and musician Laurie Anderson. The half-sung, half-spoken, almost minimalist piece unexpectedly rose to #2 on the UK Singles Charts. (via donaufestival)

This is beautiful.
Tags: marvel music art
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Best of 2010 mixtape (with synchronized lyrics)
Tags: marvel music
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March 01 2011

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The personal aspect:
A terrifyingly high number of people I like are going through rough times right now. At a loss on how to help when rational arguments didn't seem to be of much use, I tried making a mixtape of songs that I personally draw hope and strength from for one particular friend.

The much less important technical aspect:
So I made a playlist, but now what? Do I burn a CD, which I haven't done in years? Do I just throw a zip file up on RapidShare? While pondering what the modern equivalent of a mixtape could be like, I noticed that almost all songs were on YouTube (a mixture of official music videos, live concert recordings and mp3 uploads accompanying static images). But YouTube's playlist function felt too impersonal as well, and provided no way of including the lyrics, which were very important to me.
So I built this little playlist script that takes a YouTube URL and a SubViewer subtitle file (that I created using an online tool) for each track and formats them into an autoplaying playlist with synchronized lyrics, adding a bunch of flashy CSS3 effects – that some browsers will probably be unable to render.
(Thanks to @jain7th for some design feedback)

I'm not naive enough to think this solves any problems, but if a single person out there finds even the tiniest bit of comfort from this, it'll have been worth the effort. To B. and everyone else: You're not alone with what you're going through. Please don't rob yourself of your future.
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January 13 2011

My Last.fm Gender Plot: I listen to more stereotypically female than male music, I'm older than most people listening to what I listen to, Dälek is the most macho artist I like and PatrickMirah, Kimya and The Blow are hanging out in a queer little group of their own all the way down at the femme edge of the graph (presumably eyeing Jónsi [edit: and even Dear Nora!] suspiciously over there in gender-balanced territory).
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December 26 2010

My favorite songs of 2010, in rough order. I really, really love the first few tracks and I think you're missing out if you haven't heard them.

Featuring: Jónsi, Son Lux, Arcade Fire, A Lull, Sufjan Stevens, Patrick Wolf, Owen Pallett, Electric President, Dum Dum Girls, Stromae, Allo Darlin', The Radio Dept., The Morning Benders, Tobacco, Best Coast, Broken Social Scene, Caribou, Lali Puna, Radical Face, Male Bonding, Sleigh Bells, Cocorosie, Film School, Henrik Jos, Wolf Parade & Up Mine Sunshine.
Tags: marvel music 2010

December 23 2010

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Katie Stelmanis' new band Austra @ Candy Club: Sweets and Beats @ Badeschiff Wien, 5.1.2011, €7.–
(Don't miss the chiptunes starting halfway through.)

November 06 2010

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Patrick Wolf–Time of My Life

OMG OMG new Patrick OMG OMG. OMG.
I'm sorry, I'm too busy fawning to actually critically listen to the song yet. Is it any good? It must be. Maybe a little slick, now that he's back on a <spooky voice>major label?
I'm such a fanboy and not a single bit ashamed.
Tags: marvel music
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October 17 2010

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Elizabeth of Allo, Darlin' – Dear Stephen Hawking
This is the most adorable thing I've seen/heard all month. Swoon.
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