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May 15 2015


The Untold Story of Silk Road

Good read.
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April 08 2015

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February 24 2015


The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think | Johann Hari

Argues addiction is an adaptation to misery and lack of human connection; not a chemical dependence or a moral failing.
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February 03 2015

Facts and evidence [...] simply aren’t that effective, given how selectively they are processed and interpreted. Instead, why not focus on presenting issues in a way keeps broader notions out of it—messages that are not [...] in any way a reflection of who you are?
I Don’t Want to Be Right - The New Yorker
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February 01 2015

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The myth of race, debunked in 3 minutes
Tags: learn racism
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January 09 2015

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The Only Thing We Know About Cyberspace Is That Its 640x480: Geocities archeology from 31c3
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December 20 2014

1. Small individual bias → Large collective bias.
2. The past haunts the present, being unbiased is not enough.
3. Demand diversity near you.
Parable of the Polygons - a playable post on the shape of society
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December 12 2014

As our culture progressed and became more and more willing to study racism and misogyny, and how they both operate systemically within our culture, ... the definition of “good guy” changed.

It was no longer just a public declaration that you weren’t bigoted and a lack of active oppression of women and people of color. Being a “good guy” now meant engaging in a difficult and complex process of understanding privilege, including your own privilege, acknowledging that, and understanding how racism and misogyny are created and disseminated, how much of that we’ve internalized, and how we work to end that.... Most of us are still struggling with these issues and our place within them every day.

But some people are LIVID... [They] cannot comprehend ... the idea that someone else’s narrative could be just as important, or, possibly, for even just a moment, more urgent and important, as anything but a MASSIVE injustice against them. They’ve been first in line for so long THEY NEVER EVEN KNEW THE LINE EXISTED, and they believe that being asked to wait in line like everyone else is bigotry against them. ...

They BELIEVE they’re the victims of a culture that changed behind their backs and deprived them of being the well-liked “good guy” without meeting new qualifications; ... the victims of a culture that suddenly “doesn’t care” about their issues because the issues of other groups are starting to be seen as equally important; the victims of a culture that no longer posits “white guy” as the one human in constant possession of the benefit of the doubt.
The White Guy Problem | Bitter Gertrude
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November 30 2014

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November 04 2014

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September 24 2014

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April 12 2014


December 25 2013

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Bruce Schneier about what we can learn from the Snowden documents, the NSA's efforts to weaken global cryptography, and how we can keep free software tools from being subverted.
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December 21 2013

More than 80 countries around the world still criminalize consensual homosexual conduct ... More than half those countries have these laws because they once were British colonies. ... It was a colonial attempt to set standards of behavior, both to reform the colonized and to protect the colonizers against moral lapses. ...
In recent decades, judges, public figures and political leaders have defended [these] laws as citadels of nationhood and cultural authenticityHomosexuality, they now claim, comes from the colonizing West. They forget the West brought in the first laws enabling governments to forbid and repress it. ... Much of this fierce opposition stem[s] from Christian churches—themselves, of course, hardly homegrown in their origins.
Human Rights Watch: This Alien Legacy – The Origins of “Sodomy” Laws in British Colonialism (via Boka)
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October 08 2012


More women in engineering: Something that ACTUALLY WORKED for Etsy

Just saying stuff internally isn't credible. Most technical interviews suck and undermine diversity goals.
Etsy gave out grants specifically to female participants of their "hacker school" that they recruit from instead of just using interviews, which balanced out the gender ratio of attendees and "felt like a real invitation" rather than just lofty talk.
Tags: learn gender
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October 01 2012

People interpret criticism completely differently depending on how they see the relationship between themselves and the critic. ...
If we can find a way to tell our stories outside of partisan frames, we might reduce feelings of unfairness. The trick would be to shy away from invoking divisive identities, preferring frames that allow members of a polarized audience to see themselves as part of the same group.
How do you tell when the news is biased? It depends on how you see yourself » Nieman Journalism Lab
Important advice that seems to apply to everyday life just as much as to journalism!
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September 29 2012

2010 lag der Anteil der Hochschulabsolventen an der Bevölkerung in Österreich bei 19 Prozent. Der OECD-Schnitt ist 31 Prozent. ... Die Ausgaben pro Schüler/Student lagen 33% über dem Durchschnitt. ... Der Anteil der öffentlichen Bildungsausgaben an den öffentlichen Gesamtausgaben liegt nach wie vor um 12 Prozent unter dem OECD-Schnitt. ... Die Chancen auf einen Bildungsaufstieg sind in Österreich nur gering (siebentletzte Stelle in der OECD). ... Klassengrößen sind besser als der Durchschnitt, und es gibt nur ca. halb so viele Schüler an Privatschulen.
Studie "Bildung auf einen Blick" - derStandard.at

September 28 2012


Der Wiener Deewan: q.e.d.

Did you know? Das einzige all-you-can-eat, pay-as-you-wish-Lokal Wiens entstand als Notlösung, um für einen gestrandeten, asylwerbenden Koch legale Arbeit zu finden. Das Konzept war anfangs nur als Eröffnungsaktion gedacht.
Tags: learn vienna
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