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April 08 2015


February 01 2015

People are told things about the language in school that are demonstrably untrue, and they think anyone who doesn't follow along with those beliefs is stupid or wrong.
Irregardless of what you think, "conversate" is a word - The Atlantic
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December 14 2014

What we think of as "good" English is the English historically spoken by people with the most power. ...

"Standard English" is a loose assortment of idiolects like any other dialect, and valuing one over the other is a social construct that has nothing to do with linguistic merit. As long as we [do that], we're not ...more enlightened and less bigoted than our ancestors.
Arguing over language: Everyone has an idiolect, standard English prescriptivism is overrated
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November 03 2014

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July 31 2014

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November 06 2013

Can you take a real revolution seriously if you are bombarded with messaging that says your phone is revolutionary?
Frank Chimero × The Inferno of Independence
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October 22 2013

Used inclusively, the word "white" has no connotations whatsoever of race. ... There is great beauty to a phrase such as "All whites are created equal." 
Douglas Hofstadter - On Purity in Language, 1985

November 03 2012

Wenn Zweisprachige die Sprache wechseln, so ändert sich auch ihr Geschlechterbild, etwa was "männliche" oder "weibliche" Berufe sind. Dies ergab eine Studie von PsychologInnen der Universität Freiburg. Sie untermauert die These, dass zwischen Sprache und Gedanken ein enger Bezug besteht.
dieStandard.at › Wissenschaft
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October 25 2011

As with music and painting, we use language to express what we are not able to say.
Michèle Cooke
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April 22 2010

6411 c160 390
changing similes.
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March 12 2010

A sentence written in Lovers Communication System, a pictogram system developed by Yukio Ota, who also drew the original "running man" emergency exit icon.
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January 06 2010

Most fascinating is a feature that would make any journalist tremble. Tuyuca requires verb-endings on statements to show how the speaker knows something. Diga ape-wi means that “the boy played soccer (I know because I saw him)”, while diga ape-hiyi means “the boy played soccer (I assume)”. English can provide such information, but for Tuyuca that is an obligatory ending on the verb. Evidential languages force speakers to think hard about how they learned what they say they know.
What Is the Most Complex Language in the World? – Neatorama
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January 02 2010

!Xóõ, spoken by just a few thousand, mostly in Botswana, has a blistering array of unusual sounds. Its vowels include plain, pharyngealised, strident and breathy, and they carry four tones. It has five basic clicks and 17 accompanying ones. The leading expert on the !Xóõ, Tony Traill, developed a lump on his larynx from learning to make their sounds. Further research showed that adult !Xóõ-speakers had the same lump (children had not developed it yet).
Economist.com: In search of the world's hardest language
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November 04 2009


April 10 2009

Obzwar diese sich auf keine Gespräche eingelassen haben, befürchten sie nun, die räumliche Nähe könnte Josef F. in seinen Versuchen bestärken, mit ihnen Kontakt aufzunehmen.
— Ein mir neues, anscheinend veraltetes, aber nach reiflicher Überlegung doch sympathisches Wort via DiePresse.com

January 06 2009


E-Prime - Wikipedia

"a modified English syntax and vocabulary lacking all forms of the verb to be ... [making] it harder for a writer or reader to confuse statements of opinion with statements of fact."
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