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November 14 2014

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June 13 2014

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you are awesome!
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November 18 2012

Alex Peake: Hacking the future of hacker spaces. What would the world be like if 100% of humans were literate coders, hackers, artists, scientists, thinkers & doers? How do we reach the "2 billion under 20" (not just the 20)?
Featuring a shout-out to @metalab

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October 08 2012

Those who depart from cultural or intellectual consensus need people to walk beside them and laugh with them to give them confidence. ...
We divide [groups] into cults and clubs, and dismiss the former for their insularity and the latter for their banality. The cult is the place where, cut off from your peers, you become crazy. The club is the place where, surrounded by your peers, you become boring. Yet if you can combine the best of those two – the right kind of insularity with the right kind of homogeneity – you create an environment both safe enough and stimulating enough to make great thoughts possible.
— Malcolm Gladwell (via)
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July 18 2012



$300/m live-in hackerspace on Lanzarote
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September 08 2011

Hackerspaces Signal: Queer Geeks
@socialhack, Mitch Altman, @maha and others discuss queerness inside and outside the hacker scene at @cccamp11.
Mitch stands out with his total frankness – inspiring and motivating as usual.
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August 19 2011

Mitch Altman at Chaos Communication Camp 2011: I make a living making and selling this project that I made for myself, but enough people think it's cool enough that they give me enough money so that I can keep doing what I love. As I go around doing my workshops, more and more people [start doing the same]. Imagine what the world would look like if more people did that?
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July 30 2011

OTELO, das Offene Technologielabor ist ein Konzept für eine Art ländlichen Hackerspace, in dem sich Menschen mit "Naturwissenschaften, technischen Innovationen und digitalen Künsten ... auf lustvolle, verspielte oder träumerische Weise beschäftigen [können], ohne jeglichen Druck, Zwängen oder Vorgaben ausgesetzt zu sein."
Es existieren bereits Standorte in Gmunden (DJ/VJ, Robotik, Video,...) und Vöcklabruck (Arduino, Makerbot, Radio,...).
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May 21 2011

Stefanie Wuschitz (Miss Baltazar's Laboratory) at Transmediale 2011 about her experience in international hacker spaces.

"Hackerspace members think of themselves as being extremely open-minded and welcoming, but they're just not. It's a very elite group [whose members] distinguish themselves very strongly from others with certain codes. [They do so unwillingly], but the problem is that they don't acknowledge that [fact]."
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March 29 2011

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Metalab on "Sve u svemu" (All in all), national public television of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHT1)
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December 26 2010



A hacker space in Innsbruck! They apparently had their opening party a week ago.
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November 07 2010

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Steven Johnson: What kind of environment fosters the development of good ideas?
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October 24 2010

ReMade: The Rebirth of the Maker Movement: A Kickstarter project. Fund them plz kthx.
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August 28 2010

We visited three hackerspaces ... From an olfactory point of view, it stinks of men, old carpet and cigarettes. ... There is an old teenager feel, the one who doesn’t want to leave his messy room. ...
Hackers & pirates modernes: culture, combats, idéologie
They go on to say lots of positive things, but that stings because it's true.
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December 08 2009

Hackerspaces enrich their region's cultural and technological scene. They are places of information, discussion, experimentation and openness. They are the real world manifestations of a new paradigm, originated in the free, border-less and undiscriminating nature of the internet and its communications structures. Hackerspaces are places where freedom of opinion meets creativity and spawns inspiration. They're the birth-place of start-up firms that employ cutting edge technology, of altruistic community projects and of art in new media.
Open letter in support of Forskningsavdelningen – Metalab
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November 23 2009

Tinkering Makes Comeback Amid Crisis - WSJ.com
Workshops for people to share tools and ideas – called "hackerspaces" – are popping up all over the country; there are 124 hackerspaces in the U.S., up from a handful at the start of last year.
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October 25 2009

Noisebridge 2.0: Acres of Hacking. Oh wow.
via NYC Resistor blog
Tags: hackerspaces
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June 18 2009


May 11 2009

We're into questioning things and authority, but frontal fight isn't an issue. Rather, we're trying to build alternatives that render the oppressive system obsolete, and make it easier to traverse it through its holes. ...
By taking the stance of Us vs. Them, we [would] just [be] taking part in the domination system we actually reject.
Hellekin from /tmp/lab (Paris) on hacker space politics
I agree 100%!
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March 30 2009

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