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June 18 2014


September 17 2012

"Men seek youth and beauty, while women focus on wealth and status" — evolutionary psychologists have claimed that these general preferences in human mating are universal and based on biology. But new research suggests: The greater the equality of power between the genders, the more similar the traits that both men and women seek in potential mates.
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September 12 2012

As the culture evolves, people who benefitted from the old ways invariably see themselves as victims. Once you grasp the concept of privileged distress, you’ll see it everywhere: the rich feel “punished” by taxes; whites believe they are the real victims of racism; employers’ religious freedom is threatened when they can’t deny contraception to their employees — it goes on and on. ...

Supremacy itself isn’t hate. You may even have affection for the person you feel superior to. ... But supremacy turns to hate when the feeling of innate superiority is openly challenged. ....

[People experiencing privileged distress] deserve compassion, but [the actually oppressed] deserve justice. ... [we should] acknowledge their distress while continuing to point out the difference in scale. ... The ones who still want to be good people need to be offered hope that such an outcome is possible in this new world.
The Distress of the Privileged « The Weekly Sift liberally quoted (via maymay)
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May 21 2011

Stefanie Wuschitz (Miss Baltazar's Laboratory) at Transmediale 2011 about her experience in international hacker spaces.

"Hackerspace members think of themselves as being extremely open-minded and welcoming, but they're just not. It's a very elite group [whose members] distinguish themselves very strongly from others with certain codes. [They do so unwillingly], but the problem is that they don't acknowledge that [fact]."
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