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June 27 2012

Jon Stewart interviewing Marco Rubio (final of three parts)
Whoa! First Republican I enjoy watching debate. How fucked up can the Republican voter base be that they keep putting forward Teaparty crackpots, religious extremists and empty suits like Romney instead?
If he runs in 2016, will he (need to) pull a McCain and start pandering stupidly?
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September 27 2011

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on the drug war, trusting individuals vs. the government and how humanitarian a free-market system can be. In Part 3, they continue to talk about markets vs. regulation.

Stewart is even a little less convinced of the practical workability of Paul's libertarian ideas than I am, but there's a lot of mutual respect – I'd really love to watch a full-hour discussion between those two.
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May 01 2011

CNN Leaves It There – The Daily Show
Oldie, but still brilliant: A scathing indictment of CNN/24-hour news networks in general.
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September 21 2010

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