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October 18 2011

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Radical Face ("Mountains") live in San Francisco, recorded by Connor Ellmann

Ooooh, so pretty – this sets new standards for amateur(ish) concert recordings.

The artist is amazing – both in this incarnation and as one of his other projects: Electric President.
He occupied two spots on my best of 2010 mixtape (budget of that linked video: $150). The above is a song from an epic in-progress self-released three-album collection of songs set around "a fictional family tree ranging from around 1800 to 1950, cobbled together from genealogy charts and personal experiences and stories I've read" that he worked on for the last few years, fighting his label to retain the creative freedom to follow through with this hardly-marketable concept.
He goes on "no clubs" tours playing people's backyards and "odd locations" only, collaborates with local choral groups for performances (like the one in this video), records humble tutorials on how to play his songs and just generally seems to be an all-around good person with a wonderful voice and great songwriting skills.

October 13 2011

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Richard Feynman on beauty in science & not being frightened by not having all the answers
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Soup.io will be discontinued :(

Dear soup.io fans and users,
today, we have to share very sad news. Soup.io will stop working in less than 10 days. :(
It's breaking our heart and we honestly tried whatever we could to keep the platform up and running. But the high costs and low revenue streams made it impossible to continue with it. We invested a lot of personal time and money to operate the platform, but when it's over, it's over.
We are really sorry. Soup.io is part of the internet history and online for one and a half decades.
Here are the hard facts:
- In 10 days the platform will stop working.
- Backup your data in this time
- We will not keep backups nor can we recover your data
July, 20th, 2020 is the due date.
Please, share your thoughts and feelings here.
Your Soup.io TEAM
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July 09 2011

Es gibt kein Real Life, nur ein Nahleben, das sich auf den Umkreis des Körpers beschränkt, und ein Fernleben, das den Geist entgrenzt.
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July 03 2011

I am only the current location of these thoughts.
Jason Overby
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July 01 2011

Bufalino– The One Person Camper
Let's tear down all apartment buildings and each get one of these instead. Remaining challenge: Make them modular so you can dock several together for a while to create temporary larger communal living spaces.
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May 31 2011

Don't ever make the mistake that you can design something better than what you get from ruthless massively parallel trial-and-error with a feedback cycle. That's giving your intelligence much too much credit.
Linus Torvalds (via Heinz)
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May 02 2011

If your presentation’s goal is something other than starting a meme, cancel it. What's the point?
A List Apart: Conversation is the New Attention
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April 29 2011

iPad-controlled information visualization on an architectural model by Projektil. Ooooh!  ✻_✻
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April 23 2011



FM-2030: Are you a transhuman? (1989)
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April 22 2011

Animated photos by Jamie Beck
A while back I thought to myself that we need a new online media format for short-form videos: No play button, no loading indicator and no progress bar, audioless or muted until you hover/click, etc – this comes really close, testing the limits of the GIF format (few colors, huge file size).
It's a joy to see such creative uses of common-place technology. Amazingly well done!

Unfortunately, Soup's resizing algorithm completely destroys it!
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April 20 2011

Statistically speaking, you will die having missed almost everything. ...

You don't need to do it all. You just need to do it well. ...

The more motivating question for me is: what have I produced? If time is an input, what is my output? ...

Anything I accomplish will only have temporary meaning. And no, that doesn't bum me out. ...

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." ...

The connection between beings is what life is about – a moment of escape from our corporal prisons. ...

Experience is not about quantity, it's about those magical moments when your world expands in a violent flight, and about learning to love the world in new ways. ...

If you were the last person on the planet, would you still read and listen to music? ...

It is so effortless today to produce art that works of incredible beauty are common enough to no longer be particularly notable. If it looks like nobody stands above the rest as clearly as Mozart or Beethoven once did, it is because the top end has become crowded, not because it was depopulated. ...

Just because [books have] been the norm does not make them the best method of knowledge transfer.

[Today more than ever,] it is an important ability being able to find, understand and implement stored knowledge. The killer app for knowledge is no longer distribution but contextual searching of data.
Hacker News: The Sad, Beautiful Fact That We're All Going To Miss Almost Everything aka why I love HN. So much food for thought on a single page.
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April 14 2011

[What] usually happens when you probe concepts is one of the most wondrous experiences I know of, exhilarating and unnerving at the same time, dizzying. I call it sense of could: taking an entrenched concept and realizing it is not necessarily so, discovering your singularity is just an instance of something subtler, deeper, finding out your rose is one among thousands, seeing that what you thought fixed is just another degree of motion.
elzr: Certainty

March 10 2011


What a hackerspace should be

A hackerspace should be a place for people who share a roughly similar mindset – curious, driven, creative, do-it-yourself, more action than talk, nonconservative, not bound by norms and conventions – but apply that to different projects in different ways: open source, hobby projects, activism, art, teaching, commercial startups, etc.

On the other hand, there are countless events and places for people who use the same approach/do the same thing (for example: web startups), but with different mindsets and motivations (passion/profit/glamour/etc.)

Personally, I'd much rather spend time with random creative, passionate people of whatever discipline and persuasion than with random startup people (pitch events, startup drinks) or, say, social web enthusiasts (Barcamp, Twittagessen,...). With the latter the chance is much higher that our mindsets aren't really compatible.

That also means that hackerspaces have to be careful of being overrun by people with very different mindsets, because that kills a lot of positive feedback loops – although that's obviously a delicate balance to strike.

Stuff I kinda knew already, but that became clearer than ever to me today in a conversation with @esad...
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March 01 2011

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The personal aspect:
A terrifyingly high number of people I like are going through rough times right now. At a loss on how to help when rational arguments didn't seem to be of much use, I tried making a mixtape of songs that I personally draw hope and strength from for one particular friend.

The much less important technical aspect:
So I made a playlist, but now what? Do I burn a CD, which I haven't done in years? Do I just throw a zip file up on RapidShare? While pondering what the modern equivalent of a mixtape could be like, I noticed that almost all songs were on YouTube (a mixture of official music videos, live concert recordings and mp3 uploads accompanying static images). But YouTube's playlist function felt too impersonal as well, and provided no way of including the lyrics, which were very important to me.
So I built this little playlist script that takes a YouTube URL and a SubViewer subtitle file (that I created using an online tool) for each track and formats them into an autoplaying playlist with synchronized lyrics, adding a bunch of flashy CSS3 effects – that some browsers will probably be unable to render.
(Thanks to @jain7th for some design feedback)

I'm not naive enough to think this solves any problems, but if a single person out there finds even the tiniest bit of comfort from this, it'll have been worth the effort. To B. and everyone else: You're not alone with what you're going through. Please don't rob yourself of your future.
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February 28 2011

Light painting WiFi: The invisible landscape of wireless networks revealed in long-exposure photographs. Stunningly beautiful!
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February 08 2011


27: Write a Small Review

This. Was. Awesome. My favorite place in the world was full of current, hardly-ever-anymore and not-yet acquaintances. There was food for thought and for the stomach, sad music and happy music, intellectually and emotionally stimulating moments, and just as importantly also fuck-it-let's-dance — at least all that was the intention I hope came across.

Some dear friends performed: When we weren't fighting with Skype, Alex encouraged us to aim for the human singularity (using all human brains to their full potential) before we reach the technological one. @kyrah got us up to speed on what might turn out to be one of the most significant political events of our lifetimes. @boysoprano stood on stage for the first time in his life, and who knew his voice is that good? :). @moep spontaneously decided to show off his newly developed Gameboy music skills. @jooray livehacked great audiovisuals. Ben and his friend Christian made lovely cupcakes. @nex did something or other with DDR in the lounge… sorry, didn't catch it myself so I don't know how much of the initial plan was realized ;)

All contributors I didn't yet know – @claus, Sebastian, Ana, Tomas and Ulrika, all of whom I just randomly emailed (or was introduced to) a few weeks ago – turned out to be most wonderful people.

Late at night, a whole new group arrived from who knows where, started using blue tape like war paint and sang along to the DJ. And even the police came by to party in their own special way ♥

There were some unfortunate tech fuckups and delays, and my shipment of zines didn't arrive in time – oh well.
I'm sure not everyone enjoyed everything on stage as much as I did – I was actually really positively surprised by the interest shown. So many people I only vaguely know listening intently to transhumanist and political talks at what was advertised as a party for lack of a better word? So many people who had never heard her music (beyond a short sample at best) dancing along to Compute? Either of those is unusual, but both with the same crowd?!

It was a "party" designed to also appeal to people who don't usually party all that much, and I think that worked well.
The people I care about seemed to enjoy the night, and that made it so worth the effort!

I couldn't have done it without @oib, @meta, @fin, @kay, @jain7th, @stereotype, Lukas... the folks at Lomo, all the barkeepers including @tomk32, @wizard23, @nickless, @durchzug, @kallaballa and the cleanup team the next day. Sorry for not showing up before Monday morning: I was completely out of order, exhausted like I've hardly ever been after barely three hours of sleep the night before and all the preparations and last-minute things. Next time I'll budget professional cleaning.

"Standing on stage and being able to look at a crowd of people and say 'hey, I by all rights shouldn't be here, but as the result of accepting an opportunity here I am…', I think that's a huge life changer for me." said Dallas in the intro video, and that's how I felt as well. A few years ago I would never ever have imagined I'd be organizing something like this, and that so many great people would show up and enjoy it.
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January 22 2011

Procrastination by reading random articles does not cause you to rest: You do not regain mental energy from it. Success and happiness cause you to regain willpower; what you need to heal your mind from any damage sustained by working is not inactivity, but reliably solvable problems which reliably deliver experienced jolts of positive reinforcement.
Working hurts less than procrastinating, we fear the twinge of starting – Eliezer Yudkowsky @ Less Wrong
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January 13 2011

My Last.fm Gender Plot: I listen to more stereotypically female than male music, I'm older than most people listening to what I listen to, Dälek is the most macho artist I like and PatrickMirah, Kimya and The Blow are hanging out in a queer little group of their own all the way down at the femme edge of the graph (presumably eyeing Jónsi [edit: and even Dear Nora!] suspiciously over there in gender-balanced territory).
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December 15 2010

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Things that are good about this world, #104: Zines. Right now "Shiny Things on the Ground" (which I picked up in Berkeley) in particular, for being full of wonder and fascination and also for smelling of crayons – but I just generally love that so many people still make these. More power to those folks!
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November 24 2010

I am sustained by the glory of mankind.
We are a mere mote floating lonely in the cosmos. But this mote is one of brilliance and life, where truths are continually being discovered and recognized, where order, structure, and creation is possible. [...] Look out into the darkness. The world is so large, and we can change so much. This is ours—OURS, do you understand? Ours to reshape, recreate, and understand. We alone hold this power. But this ability demands that we be rational; the glory of mankind is such that if men would be but rational, so much is possible, so much can be achieved, done, accomplished, created. And knowing this, those who would be rational, those who would think and discover and create—those are [...] the brightest flares of light against the darkness, the ones who, having been dead for centuries, will still surround us, touching every soul. So when I say I am sustained by the glory of mankind, I mean this: that the potential of mankind stands behind me, and that the active pursuit of meeting and becoming this pinnacle drives me.
(That's right, I'm totally quoting a dating profile.)
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