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May 03 2015

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Simpsons Pixels by Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon

September 25 2012

Looper animated trailer. Directed by Rian Johnson (Brick! ♥), starring Gordon-Levitt ♥, music in part by Son Lux! ♥ – this rotoscoped trailer is a work of art.
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you are awesome!
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September 13 2011

Penguin Books makes a series of really well-done book promo vids. This one is for Is That A Fish In Your Ear? by David Bellos, but see their Vimeo for more.
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April 22 2011

Animated photos by Jamie Beck
A while back I thought to myself that we need a new online media format for short-form videos: No play button, no loading indicator and no progress bar, audioless or muted until you hover/click, etc – this comes really close, testing the limits of the GIF format (few colors, huge file size).
It's a joy to see such creative uses of common-place technology. Amazingly well done!

Unfortunately, Soup's resizing algorithm completely destroys it!
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April 08 2010

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Evil 8-Bit Forces Destroy New York
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January 11 2010

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Don Hertzfeldt - Genre
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June 25 2008

Magnetic Movie: The secret lives of invisible magnetic fields at NASA's Space Sciences Laboratories. So awesome. (Narrated by the scientists, animation by Semiconductor, via The Filter) bestposts
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June 22 2008

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Music is a balloon (See also: therapy, your soulmate)
Animation by Pistachios, music by Rogue Wave bestposts
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May 19 2008

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Downtown is a little-known animated series that ran on MTV for a single season in 1999. Yeah, MTV – but don't expect superficial bubblegum entertainment here. Like on the more popular Daria, the main sympathetic characters are eccentric outcasts. Whereas Daria was all about a suburban high school, this series revolves around the daily lives of a diverse group of friends in their early twenties in New York.

The episodes are full of anecdotes gathered in real interviews conducted on the streets of NYC, lending a very realistic feel to the series, and especially the dialogues. While the storylines can get a little juvenile at times, the truly great animation more than makes up for that. The medium is used to full effect here, frequently mixing dream/imagination/storytelling sequences into everyday scenes with clever transitions. The great color schemes, likable lead characters and innovative electronic soundtrack are additional bonuses.

Above: Four minutes from the Insomnia episode.
More clips on YouTube:
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