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We’re surrounded by “banks” that blow up economies composed of “corporations” which mostly make you want to submit to lethal injection rather than show up for your soul-sucking “job” so you can deliver another few pennies of “profit” that doesn’t have much real value except how many megabucks were looted today in “markets” that are populated by zombie vampire cyborg robots trading worthless bits of imaginary “money” at lightspeed for the benefit of “shareholders” who are mostly pension “funds” that don’t provide security for anyone but “chief executives” who don’t execute much but the careers of “managers” who don’t manage much but the mass assembly of powerpoints for the production of “goods” that don’t actually benefit anyone to buy with “money” we don’t have anymore to live lives we don’t really want to impress people we mostly hate so our “gross national product” adds up to more and more and more McShit every quarter.

[And] today’s leaders are staunch allies [of these institutions], not their adversaries. ...

We don’t come to supplicate you; to beseech you; to beg you; to petition you. We come to replace you.
The Great Dereliction - Umair Haque
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