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A ShouldDo list

  • Help all the sad people Wish I knew how.
  • Foster better informed citizenry. First step: Improve online news? Work in progress.
  • Improve online communication tools: Mailing lists, forums, wikis: So much to improve with each of those. Can software recreate the effect of a competent moderator in a face to face discussion? First step: ?
  • Improve learning materials: more interactivity, more visualization, more collaboration, intuitive devices (multi-touch tablets, probably). First step: ?
  • Support creative, active people
    • Hacker stipends: YCombinator for people who do stuff, commercial or not. Grassroots Grundeinkommen. The basic income house. First step: Get rich?
    • Bring ambitious people together
  • Establish programming & web tech as core competency for journalists, politicians, teachers, ..., everyone. Because in those jobs, you just need to be able to effectively use, but also flexibly build and customize, tools for information retrieval, visualization & communication. First step: Courses @ Metalab?
  • Radically simplify computing user interfaces. First step: Standardize (some aspects of) web UI? Some sort of seal of approval for cloud services with OpenID login, Atom & AtomPub APIs, oAuth?, standard UI patterns, standard i18n patterns,... "Regular people can use these tools in any combination!"
  • Reform election laws: Less influence of geographic location, abolish hurdles, Condorcet, etc. First step: Start a campaign?
  • Liberal/libertarian political activism: Next step: Because of the incompetence of actors at the Austrian political party level, escalate to EU level or focus on cross-party projects.
  • Integration/local community building: Free pies, or something.
  • Upbringing and education are probably the greatest points of leverage... think about those some more.
  • Everything requires: Money to survive, other people and the ability to motivate them, more discipline, stable sleep cycle, more delegation,...
  • See also here (German)
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