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April 23 2008

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Remember Joshua Allen Harris' other inflatable plastic bag animal? Here's the even more ambitious follow-up. bestposts

January 02 2008

[The creator of the first climate-controlled shopping mall] arrived in America as a refugee from Nazi-occupied Vienna.
[The mall] was supposed to evoke a European city centre ... Shoppers were expected to sit and debate over cups of coffee, just as they do in the Piazza San Marco or the Place Dauphine. Gruen exiled cars, which he thought noisy and anti-social, to the outside of his mall.
Most contemporary critics thought Gruen had succeeded in bringing urbanity to the suburbs. Southdale was “more like downtown than downtown itself.”
Birth, death and shopping @ Economist.com
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December 31 2007

Cities are bastions of environmentalism. ... While rural towns might look green, their per-capita rates of consumption and pollution are significantly higher. ... Efficiency scales with the size of the population.
— Jonah Lehrer: "The Living City"
Seed Magazine, August 2007
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