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March 17 2015

Badass Users Book Trailer – made from, and making fun of, stock footage.
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March 05 2015

What would it mean for software to serve us in living well?
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April 16 2014

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April 26 2010

The pixels... they're alive! (by Julia Tsao)
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April 17 2010

Simplifying the interface of the [Bloomberg] terminal would not be accepted by most users because they take pride on manipulating its current "complex" interface. The pain inflicted by blatant UI flaws is strangely transformed into the rewarding experience of feeling and looking like a hard-core professional.
The Impossible Bloomberg Makeover | UX Magazine
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April 07 2010

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A 2.5 Year-Old Uses an iPad for the First Time
This nicely demonstrates two important differences to a laptop:

It's unbreakable: Did you fuck up? Are you lost or bored? Hit the only button on the device and you're back in a familiar screen instantly.
I'd feel uncomfortable seeing a kid as randomly click around on a desktop as this girl is hitting the touch screen – she might break something! Here there are fewer ways to accidentally delete stuff, no such thing as an unresponsive system with a busy cursor, etc.

It feels natural: Apart from the obvious touch screen and the lack of window management, the form factor plays a big role too: Turning the device this way and that, offering it to someone else ("Here, you try it!"), gathering around one to collaborate,... all that works much better than on what we're used to.

I'm convinced those two aspects will make this a much more enjoyable experience than the average computer for many, many people.
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May 26 2008

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UI design fail: If your product is online video commenting and thus your target audience are people who feel an urgent need to share their mug and umms and ahhs with the world, you might want to find a way of indicating that something is a video that's not guaranteed to comically obscure the commenter's face. bestposts
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