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November 18 2012

Many of us have great hopes for our energy future that involve a transition to a gleaming renewable energy infrastructure, but we face a serious bottleneck in its implementation.

Once we enter a decline phase in fossil fuel availability, energy scarcity will quickly become the new norm, which I feel will be the only motivator strong enough to make us serious about a replacement path.

The invisible hand of the market will slap us silly demanding a new energy infrastructure based on non-fossil solutions.

But here’s the rub: The construction of that shiny new infrastructure requires not just money, but…energy. And that’s the very commodity in short supply.

Will we be [politically] willing to sacrifice additional energy in the short term—effectively steepening the decline—for a long-term energy plan?
The Oil Drum | The Energy Trap liberally quoted
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June 12 2012

A project is sustainable if it is cheap enough to be the first of a series continuing indefinitely into the future. A project is unsustainable if it is so expensive that it cannot be repeated without major political battles.
An unsustainable project marks the end of an old era. A sustainable project marks the beginning of a new one.
Freeman Dyson
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