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November 20 2011

If you are contemplating suicide, please know that you are not alone. You are part of a community of others, many of whom know what it is like to be hopelessly depressed. Many of whom are more than open for you to reach out to (if you only knew!). ... Please, pick someone and reach out.
Noisebridge Blog » Mitch Altman: Please reach out
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March 01 2011

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The personal aspect:
A terrifyingly high number of people I like are going through rough times right now. At a loss on how to help when rational arguments didn't seem to be of much use, I tried making a mixtape of songs that I personally draw hope and strength from for one particular friend.

The much less important technical aspect:
So I made a playlist, but now what? Do I burn a CD, which I haven't done in years? Do I just throw a zip file up on RapidShare? While pondering what the modern equivalent of a mixtape could be like, I noticed that almost all songs were on YouTube (a mixture of official music videos, live concert recordings and mp3 uploads accompanying static images). But YouTube's playlist function felt too impersonal as well, and provided no way of including the lyrics, which were very important to me.
So I built this little playlist script that takes a YouTube URL and a SubViewer subtitle file (that I created using an online tool) for each track and formats them into an autoplaying playlist with synchronized lyrics, adding a bunch of flashy CSS3 effects – that some browsers will probably be unable to render.
(Thanks to @jain7th for some design feedback)

I'm not naive enough to think this solves any problems, but if a single person out there finds even the tiniest bit of comfort from this, it'll have been worth the effort. To B. and everyone else: You're not alone with what you're going through. Please don't rob yourself of your future.
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