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June 15 2009

Während die Gruppe der "Autoritären" hierzulande in den letzten Jahren "stetig und deutlich" gewachsen ist, sind die "liberalen Idealisten" mittlerweile noch weniger als früher geworden.
Studie: Sehnsucht nach dem "starken Mann" - Österreich und EU - derStandard.at

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November 16 2008

If you're basically a conventional person, with a conventional, average view of the world, conventional understanding of morality, and so forth, people who never knew you will look back at you from the future and ask, "How could you think such things? What was wrong with you?"
dgordon @ Hacker News

November 14 2008

Punk suhlt sich immer noch in dem nostalgischen Glauben, da wäre noch eine Autorität, die was will. Ist aber nicht.
Plädoyer gegen Punks: Die dümmste Jugendkultur - taz.de
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September 12 2008

Es sind immer die Schwächsten in der Gesellschaft gegen die noch Schwächeren.
Anneliese Rohrer: "Es geht immer noch tiefer" | kurier.at

August 28 2008

Once you draw a boundary around a group, the mind starts trying to harvest similarities from the group. And unfortunately the human pattern-detectors seem to operate in such overdrive that we see patterns whether they're there or not; a weakly negative correlation can be mistaken for a strong positive one with a bit of selective memory.
Overcoming Bias: Categorizing Has Consequences

July 29 2008

The truly important aspect of the coordinates of your birth is the GDP at that time and place.
Scientific American on horoscopes

June 13 2008

An anti-something movement ... has no chance whatever to succeed. Its passionate diatribes virtually advertise the program they attack. People must fight for something that they want to achieve, not simply reject an evil, however bad it may be.
— Ludwig von Mises
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April 26 2008

There is a huge economic incentive to grab your attention, and there is no economic incentive at all to give you something worth reading [/watching/listening to/...].
Giles Bowkett: Jerry Springer For Programmers

March 05 2008

[In Europe] Students learn that private companies destroy jobs while government policy creates them. Employers exploit while the state protects. Free markets offer chaos while government regulation brings order. Globalization is destructive, if not catastrophic. Business is a zero-sum game, the source of a litany of modern social problems.
Foreign Policy: Europe’s Philosophy of Failure
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December 28 2007

"It is not enough for me to succeed — others must also fail."
This attitude is related to a concept called "absolute scarcity" in the social science literature — the notion that all human needs are in finite supply and there is not enough to go around. Obviously such an attitude will lead to resentment of success by others.
The World's Most Toxic Value System
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