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February 05 2015

The policies that prevail are those with business-models, that create a large pool of wealth for a small number of players, enough money in few enough hands that there’s some left over to lobby for the continuation of that policy.
No, ministers – more surveillance will not make us safer | Cory Doctorow
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December 25 2013

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Bruce Schneier about what we can learn from the Snowden documents, the NSA's efforts to weaken global cryptography, and how we can keep free software tools from being subverted.
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September 03 2013


The more we expect technology to protect us from people in the same way it protects us from nature, the more we will sacrifice the very values of our society. [...] Human beings adapt and you get less risk reduction than you'd expect -- and you also get more side effects, because we all adapt.

Schneier on Security: Our Newfound Fear of Risk
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October 23 2008

Security lines are the most dangerous places in airports: Terrorists could paralyze U.S. aviation merely by detonating a bomb at any security checkpoint, all of which are, of course, entirely unsecured.
Schneier on Security: Me Helping Evade Airport Security
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February 20 2008

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The EURion constellation is a pattern more or less hidden on almost all modern banknotes across the world, used to help prevent counterfeiting.
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