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October 04 2011

Computers have vastly underserved their users. ... It’s a beautiful shrine built on a foundation of tinker toys. ...
Today’s computing can’t take us into the future. ... Computer science has utterly failed to tackle the real world problems, things like automating jobs so people don’t have to work, or working hand in hand with humans to explore solutions we have trouble seeing ourselves. We are so far from a Star Trek-style future utopia that it breaks my heart. ...

You should literally be able to tell [the computer] what you want it to do and it would do its darnedest to do a good job for you. Computers today are the opposite of that. They own you and bend you to their will. And I don’t think people fully realize how trapped we are within this aging infrastructure. ...

The majority of users are algorithmically illiterate. That’s a travesty in 2011. ... Programming, at least the fundamentals, should be taught in elementary school just like any other language ...
The Real Zack Morris | The State of the Art is Terrible
Oh, what a lovely all-over-the-place rant.
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May 30 2011

Bah. If the author/publisher wouldn't profit from that, I'd want to use this as a daily notebook for my projects, ideas & sketches.
Tags: rant sexism
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November 05 2009


Institut für Technikfolgen-Abschätzung

Warum bekomm ich bei dieser Website bloß das Gefühl, die seien vielleicht nicht so die seriösen Experten für "Netzinnovationen"?
Tags: rant
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November 04 2009

I don’t care what you’re projecting [5 years out] – customers, revenue, profits, market growth – it’s all crap. You made it up, and you know it, and now you’re insulting me by expecting me to believe it.

Oh wait, you say it’s a “conservative estimate?” No, the conservative estimate is that you burn through all your cash in nine months and start taking on consulting gigs to delay a return to a “real job” in corporate America. (Not that I blame you.)
4 ways to get automatically rejected by an angel investor | VentureBeat

Someone go tell this to Departure & Co...
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November 03 2009


October 18 2009


October 01 2009

The blog format is responsible for a thousand tawdry tablogs: hideous half-breeds of tabloid and blog built around odeous content, cluttered site designs, and optimised for pageviews alone.

Tabloggers aren’t writing; they’re creating content — content that hopes to satisfy self-inflicted quotas [and] boost traffic. Tabloggers write from a sense of obligation; a feeling that their content must be regular and — worst of all — useful.
Yet tablogs publish the ugliest kind of useful information: vacuous lists, tutorials, and recycled how-tos that try so hard to be handy as to become meaningless, soulless, voiceless and occasionally dangerous.

Add to this the machine gun calls to action in the form of me-too social networks, overpriced affiliate promotions, and chocolate box ad matrices, and what you have is a shit tip of information design.
Rise of the Tablog → Put Things Off

(Die, SmashingMagazine, die!)

September 06 2009

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Profil.at oder Geocities-Website ca. 1998? Schwer zu unterscheiden.
Tags: rant
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August 30 2009


August 21 2009

Play fullscreen
[Gay Jewish Congressman] Barney Frank Confronts Woman At Townhall Comparing Obama To Hitler
Tags: rant news
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July 22 2009

Neu ist [bei Firefox 3.7] zudem der so genannte "Page"-Button: Dieser findet sich links oben im Tab-Feld und stellt die direkte Verbindung zur Page her.
— Endlich!! Eine direkte Verbindung zur Page!11!21elf
Ein erster Blick auf Firefox 3.7 - derStandard.at/Web

(Im Original war "directly connected to the page" eine Design- und keine Funktionsbeschreibung. Aber wenn man nur babelfischt, was Mashable aus einem Wiki copy-pasted hat, kann sowas schon mal vorkommen.)
Tags: rant
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July 21 2009

i don't know much about binary numbers... but i am pretty sure that's not correct ;)
Tags: rant
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May 27 2009

"Wählen Sie das Bild aus, welches für Sie am besten die Zukunft Wiens beschreibt": Umfrage der Wiener Grünen nach der "Semiotic Image Board Method". SRSLY?
Tags: rant
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May 15 2009

Weltweit schießen immer mehr selbstorganisierte "Hackerspaces" aus dem Boden. Das Portal hackerspaces.org verzeichnet mittlerweile mehr als 100 solcher Orte ... Diskussionsteilnehmer beim letzten [CCC-]Kongress [riefen] sogar euphorisch eine "globale Bewegung der Hackerspaces" aus. Diese "globale Welle" hat Österreich noch nicht in vollem Maße erreicht, es exisitiert nur ein einziger Hackerspace, das Metalab in Wien. ...
Das 14-tägige DIY-Festival "Fake it till you make it!" hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, einen neuen Hackerspace im Westen von Wien aufzubauen...
Gerin Trautenberger, Kurator des soeben auf ein kleines Büro zusammengeschrumpften, früher Telekom-gesponsorten Metalab-Klons "Netculturelab", im April-Gap
Der dürfte weder das HappyLab oder DAAL, noch das Metalab wirklich zu kennen, scheint mir... oder ist's nur Not Invented Here Syndrom? Wie auch immer, mehr Hackerspaces sind nie verkehrt.
Tags: rant

April 28 2009

I accidentally recorded myself trying to figure out all this JACK and Ardour nonsense (the hardware is so much more fun than the software)
I call this one the FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU remix
Tags: c3o rant
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April 24 2009

Alle Bild-, Text- und Sound-Files sowie Animationen, Videos etc und alle anderen Bestandteile dieser Website sind urheberrechtlich geschützt und dürfen ohne die vorherige ausdrückliche und schriftliche Genehmigung weder ganz noch teilweise vertrieben, heruntergeladen, abgeändert, wiederbenützt, umgeleitet oder anderweitig verwendet werden.
LYONESS | Nutzungsbedingungen
(Achtung, nicht klicken, das wäre eine Nutzungsbedingungsverletzung!)
Abgesehen davon ist "Lyoness" sowieso ein MLM-Scam.
Tags: rant
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April 14 2009


Less Wrong: Declare your signaling and hidden agendas

Less Wrong is a group blog on rationality born out of Overcoming Bias, which I've quoted extensively here.

In this post, one author proposes that people disclose the signals they're trying to implicitly send, and the hidden agendas they might have when writing articles. He proceeds to lead by example, revealing a long list of motivations behind his previous posts: That post that on its surface was about how it's okay to be irrational sometimes, which used donation habits as an example? It's meant to signal his altruism and support the charities he mentions, of course. Two others: Meant to signal how much of an academic he is by quoting from research papers.

My first reaction after reading his list and others people post in the comments: Wow, I feel a bit  cheated, and I've lost some respect for those people.
It's like they don't actually care about rationality all that much, they're driven by the same monkey tribe behavior as, say, people who flaunt brandseveryone else... got to impress your peers in order to be accepted and respected. It's just that for whatever reasons they chose this little subculture and its value system as their own.

But wait – first of all those mostly weren't the main reasons for his posts, just minor factors... and kudos for being so open and self-analytical, right? (It's meant to signal honesty, obviously).

Another statement from the comments that rings true: Asking "what are you signaling?" is like asking "what is your greatest weakness?" during a job interview. It handicaps honest people.

And of course I'm posting this on a tumblelog in no small part meant to signal what a wide array of cool interests I have...

March 20 2009

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Are any other Austrians seeing Ricardo.at ads all over the place lately? I don't remember ever seeing a more ubiquitous campaign.
Either this thoroughly uninteresting eBay competitor (why would anyone not use the most popular site for an auction?) is spending massive amounts of money, or there's something about my behavorial profile at Google/DoubleClick that makes them think I really want to buy cheap stuff right now.
Side note: What a horribly ugly Euro symbol that is.
Tags: rant

March 08 2009

No, I did not mean "guide" – or "guild" for that matter! Why are you showing me results for those terms anyway? Is there any way to turn this off? Quote marks don't help. I've run into this several times over the last few days, and it's starting to get annoying.
Tags: rant

March 02 2009

45,48% der Kärntner sind anscheinend der Meinung, die einzig guten Politiker seien verstorbene.
— frei nach: flame gun for the cute ones
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