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April 02 2015

To me, this letter by a megacorp – opportunistic as it might be – impressively illustrates the tipping point that has been reached on LGBT rights in the USA.
We are so far from an equal society, yet sometimes you just have to pause and appreciate the progress we're making.
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June 15 2014

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April 20 2014


January 22 2014

Russian police detain a gay-rights activist during a Gay Pride event in St. Petersburg, June 29, 2013
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December 21 2013

More than 80 countries around the world still criminalize consensual homosexual conduct ... More than half those countries have these laws because they once were British colonies. ... It was a colonial attempt to set standards of behavior, both to reform the colonized and to protect the colonizers against moral lapses. ...
In recent decades, judges, public figures and political leaders have defended [these] laws as citadels of nationhood and cultural authenticityHomosexuality, they now claim, comes from the colonizing West. They forget the West brought in the first laws enabling governments to forbid and repress it. ... Much of this fierce opposition stem[s] from Christian churches—themselves, of course, hardly homegrown in their origins.
Human Rights Watch: This Alien Legacy – The Origins of “Sodomy” Laws in British Colonialism (via Boka)
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August 14 2013

There's a documentary about the amazing Rae Spoon coming out. The soundtrack is being released as a new album too – regrettably leaving behind the electronics of the last two though. If you're intrigued, go for this one first.

May 24 2013

We fight to make gay marriage legal so that when we disdain it we do so by choice and not by necessity.
amor mundi
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December 26 2012

Anna Anthropy, author of dys4ia: "I want people to realize that a game can be a way to share an idea, to help us understand each other a little better."
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July 23 2012

Things we want to get away from are:
1. exclusiveness, propertied attitudes toward each other, a mutual pact against the rest of the world;
2. promises about the future, which we have no right to make and which prevent us from, or make us feel guilty about, growing;
3. inflexible roles, roles which do not reflect us at the moment but are inherited through mimicry and inability to define equalitarian relationships. ...
We’ve been playing an act for a long time, so we’re consummate actors. Now we can begin to be, and it’ll be a good show!
A Gay Manifesto (1970) - by Carl Wittman

December 12 2011

So dankbar ich für die Zeit bin, die ich mit meinen zwei Vätern verbringen durfte, so sehr widert es mich an, wenn ich immer und immer wieder erklären muss, warum homosexuelle Menschen natürlich Kinder adoptieren dürfen müssen. ... Obwohl die Situation offensichtlich ist, haben wir noch immer einen weiten Weg zu gehen, bis es endlich selbstverständlich ist, dass wer Liebe geben kann, dies ganz selbstverständlich auch darf.
Über das Leben eines Heterojungen mit schwulen Eltern. « Armin Soyka
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December 07 2011

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The US has publicly declared it will fight discrimination against LGBT people abroad ("one of the remaining human rights challenges of our time") by using foreign aid and diplomacy to encourage reform. "Being gay is not a western invention, it is a human reality", said Hillary Clinton in Geneva.
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November 17 2011


September 08 2011

Hackerspaces Signal: Queer Geeks
@socialhack, Mitch Altman, @maha and others discuss queerness inside and outside the hacker scene at @cccamp11.
Mitch stands out with his total frankness – inspiring and motivating as usual.
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August 23 2011


April 16 2011

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Norway's My Little Pony tonight live @ Candy Club feat. Donaufestival DJ team – just EUR 4 before 11.
I'm happy there's now a queer event in Vienna that puts on shows like this: A breath of fresh air!
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December 23 2010

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Katie Stelmanis' new band Austra @ Candy Club: Sweets and Beats @ Badeschiff Wien, 5.1.2011, €7.–
(Don't miss the chiptunes starting halfway through.)

October 14 2010

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Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns tells gay teens it gets better.
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April 30 2010

The idea that it's easier to [wait for people to] die than change says a lot, and none of it comforting, about how little potential we see in ourselves, how rigid we think we are, trapped in some kind of evolutionary psychology/sociological hell where progress is dependent on those who know perfectly well that all they have to do is be loud enough, rigid enough, difficult enough that they can hold up movement simply by standing still. ...

Change is what happens when we stop waiting.

We've had too many generations of casualties already; no one, no one should have it demanded of them to be a sacrifice to the idea [that] the only way to move [is] slowly.
Seperis [liberally quoted]
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April 29 2010

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As of today, Stefan (@BoySoprano) and I have been together for five months – high time for a post. Everything else is said in the photo :)
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November 14 2009

Auf der Demo gegen das diskriminierende Partnerschaftsrecht
Besonders wertvoll: Celia Mara, Lilly Allen zum mitsingen und die wirklich gute Rede von Amir Ahmed, der zwischendurch mal im LIF-Führungsteam war. Zu schade, dass auch er sich mittlerweile scheinbar mit dem Rest zerstritten hat... (photo by erstklassigeRechte)
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