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July 26 2008

People in a room with a mirror were comparatively less likely to judge others based on social stereotypes about, for example, sex, race or religion.
Mirrors Used to Explore How the Brain Interprets Information - NYTimes.com
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April 04 2008

Once an introvert gets on a subject that they know about or care about or that intrigues them intellectually, [...] they get passionately engaged and turned on by the conversation. But it's not socializing that's going on there. It's learning or teaching or analyzing, which involves, I'm convinced, a whole different part of the brain.
— Jonathan Rauch: Introverts of the World, Unite!
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March 25 2008

People tend to game any system you put in place, and then they tend to rationalize that gaming until they believe they really are doing the right thing.

December 30 2007

The brain constantly adjusts its idea of what it needs to be happy. [H]appiness is less an ideal state than a tool our genes use to get us working harder and grasping for more stuff, whether we enjoy the struggle or not.
The Walrus >> Urban Happiness

December 28 2007

"It is not enough for me to succeed — others must also fail."
This attitude is related to a concept called "absolute scarcity" in the social science literature — the notion that all human needs are in finite supply and there is not enough to go around. Obviously such an attitude will lead to resentment of success by others.
The World's Most Toxic Value System

August 04 2007

By accepting that people are fundamentally irrational, we can deal with ourselves and others in a more rational and effective manner.
Paul Buchheit -- sigh.
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