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February 10 2014

There is less attention available per item of content than the minimum quantity of attention needed to rate the quality of that content well.
gabemart @ Hacker News aka why "If you build it they will come" doesn't work
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November 30 2011



The NewsChallenge-funded project by the people behind the awesome DavisWiki has released the first version of their Django-based user-friendly wiki with integrated maps – see it in production at DentonWiki. Looks nice! Wienwiki, finally, anyone?

May 26 2010


Respekt.net: Börse für gesellschaftspolitische Projekte

Kickstarter für politische Projekte in Ö: Projektbörse für Aktionen, Kampagnen, Veranstaltungen, Zeitschriften, Thema-Aufbereitungen usw: Ideen und Ressourcen (Geld, Fachwissen) zusammenbringen. 10% Abwicklungsgebühr bei erfolgreicher Finanzierung.
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