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February 27 2012

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Finally finished my Best of 2011 playlist. Maybe there's something in there you like?
Includes several servings of complex beats, sweet voices & melodies and a smattering of reverby guitars.

(I've also been amending the 2010 list over the past months.)
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December 10 2009


Sketchpad for Wave

"A gadget for Google Wave that emulates the functionality of MS Paint using HTML5 Canvas and Javascript, based on CanvasPaint by Christopher Clay" – Awesome! So it did make sense to renew the canvaspaint.org domain tonight after all.
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October 01 2009


New News project page

So I'm actually doing this, despite a bunch of good reasons not to. Let's see if a team can be assembled out of thin air and a vague mixture of ideas can become something concise and comprehensible within less than two weeks: Knight News Challenge here we come.
"Because I know just little enough about the whole thing to not know why it all can't work."
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August 28 2009


Things people have built or tried to build on top of CanvasPaint (that I know of)

  • "a paper for SVG Open 2009 conference comparing SVG and Canvas"
  • "a healthcre system, we need something to work with the templates of the doctors, where they can draw or edit the image to show their patients what they need to do or operate"
  • "a little site where people can "paintbrush" a template, and share their creation with others"
  • "a module in Drupal so that people can edit images inline"
  • "a new service I'm working on to tie together SNS profiles and vital personal data from separate social media sites"
  • "a Palm Pre app"
  • "a plugin for the tinymce editor"
  • "to allow people to draw designs on custom clothing orders"
  • "an online placement test for the Bowdoin College physics placement test"
  • "to allow the people on my website to post graphical comments"
  • "a wysiwyg wiki"
  • "a virtual wall thats is aware of the user location using wifi and lets the user draw on the wall (like a graffiti) when he is on the coverage of the access points."
  • "so that a co-worker who makes these crazy cartoons about our team using ms paint can do his drawings on our internal wiki"
Also: Most recently saved drawings
Tags: c3o project

July 30 2009

I hastily threw together this logo & website tonight, but I'm actually really happy with the results. I'm sure it's the usual brief phase of euphoria before I revert to nitpicking my own work... but anyway, it was fun to be designing again for a change, and I finally got to effectively use the single font I ever created myself, back in 2001 for university.
(I already tried it for the Startupwiki logo last week, but it's kinda crappy there, I'll replace it soonish.)

I've been totally stressed out these last few days, probably spreading myself too thin, but at the same time finding it very rewarding to be this active: Planning and plotting, meeting people, making progress, and most importantly launching stuff.
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July 25 2009



Set this up today at the Hackathon. Work in progress...
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May 04 2009

Hackathon @ Metalab May 20-22
In Vienna? Got unfinished side projects? New ideas you can't seem to get around to? Here's your excuse for an all-out geek-out to make something cool.
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April 21 2009

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Just found this screenshot of Gigsampler, my first Rails project in 2005, and part of my diploma thesis: Get an instant playlist of music by bands who'll soon play in your city (on a website, as podcast or in various playlist formats).
Never launched this, and I still miss it. Podbop came along just when I was about to finish it, but doesn't cover Vienna in any meaningful way. Last.fm has all the data these days, but doesn't have the simplicity/focus or the city podcasts, so I almost never go to shows by bands I don't know well yet. Meh.
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September 11 2008

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Nach nur zwei Wochen Vorlaufzeit (für Konzept, Programmierung, usw) ist Diesmal-LIF.at jetzt gerade noch rechtzeitig online. Bin sehr gespannt, wie sich das entwickeln wird!
Tags: c3o lif project
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September 04 2008

LIF-Ideenwerkstatt: The event organization worked pretty much flawlessly: Location, furn iture, catering – was very happy with my choices on that. Unfortunately these things ended up taking up too much preparation time, leaving too little for a more detailed presentation and for fleshing out content and structure of the event.

June 24 2008

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Incidentally, that is exactly what this map I made (manually, by guessing) two years ago estimated. bestposts
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