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January 07 2015

To recover our privacy and make democracy safe, we need to redesign digital systems so that they do not collect information about people in general.
Richard Stallman: Reasons not to use Uber
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July 24 2014

When we think we’re being watched, we make behavior choices that we believe other people want us to make. It’s a natural human desire to avoid societal condemnation. That’s why every state loves surveillance – it breeds a conformist population.
Glenn Greenwald On Why Privacy Is Vital, Even If You 'Have Nothing To Hide'
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December 18 2012

Wenn unter sozialem Druck Gedanken und Bilder nur nach rigider Auswahl und mit Blick auf ein minimales Risiko dem digitalen Gedächtnis hinterlassen werden, ist diese Form des Datenschutzes vor allem ein Datenverlust. Die radikalen Möglichkeiten Geschichte umfassend zu dokumentieren, weicht dann der Entscheidung, Geschichten zu schreiben, die niemandem zu nahe treten – und damit schon vergessen sind.
Teresa Maria Bücker, F.A.Z.-Community
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March 21 2008

In the future, “you’ll have your CV online, your résumé online, and your sex video online.” When everyone has already seen everything (and is thoroughly bored by most of it), the theory goes, politicians will have to find another way to self-destruct.
Doing Something Sketchy? It’s Harder to Cover Up Now - New York Times
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