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September 19 2014

The attitude that looks down on people who “just want free stuff” and “don’t want to pay for things” is one coming from great economic privilege. ... And the worst part is, it reinforces itself by turning struggling artists against struggling fans.
Anti-Piracy is Class Privilege - Zacqary Adam Xeper
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June 25 2014

Wie reagieren wir auf die Technologisierung und Automatisierung der Wirtschaft und Industrie? Wie gehen wir damit um, dass das Internet kapitalistische Logiken aufbricht?
Zurück in die Zukunft – Junge Piraten
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April 22 2014

The only way to bring about real change is to act through competing institutions.
Revolutions in consciousness cannot be made lasting and effective until legions of people start to work together in concert for a common aim and, rather than relying on the intermittent pronouncements of mountain-top prophets, begin the unglamorous and deeply boring task of wrestling with issues of law, money, long-term mass communication, advocacy and administration. ...
The urgent question is how to ally the very many good ideas which currently slumber in the recesses of intellectual life with proper organisational tools that actually stand a chance of giving them real impact in the world.
Advice for those who want to change the world | Philosophers' Mail
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April 12 2014

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Social Progress Index – because GDP per capita just doesn't provide a full picture.

April 08 2014

Anti-politicization ... enables elite incumbent norms and forms to stealthily define those politics clothed as neutralities immune from criticism. ... “Beyond left and right” is a viewpoint that will almost always conduce to the reactionary politics of incumbent elites. ...

You can't engage in a “quest to build a better tomorrow” without making choices about what is better – equity or not, sustainability or not, diversity or not, violence or not. And you can't make and live with those choices without making enemies of many [...]

Political progress is progress toward sustainable equity-in-diversity and technodevelopmental vicissitudes are rendered progressive only to the extent that their costs, risks, and benefits are equitably distributed to the diversity of their stakeholders in social struggle that rarely if ever has anything to do with the championing of Science or Technology in the abstract.
amor mundi: The Future Is A Hell Of A Drug
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February 11 2014


January 22 2014


January 07 2014


In a workplace, a rolequeer boss might do everything they can to support an employee’s professional development and then, rather than offer a promotion, that boss would encourage employees who mastered the job to quit. In a school, a rolequeer teacher might jettison the school’s curriculum and start sharing information about how to drop out of school and not be treated “like a drop-out,” covertly if necessary. A rolequeer parent or legal guardian would teach their legal charge about “parental controls” software, not activate any of them, and then explain how to get around any of those controls when they are active.

Maybe Days - Rolequeerness
The Pirate Party could be a rolequeer party – seeking power just to relinquish it to the people.
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October 18 2013

Without institutional innovation, the benefits of technological innovation are likely to remain hyperconcentrated at the top. It's a kind of trickle-down thinking to think that, by itself, technology equals prosperity.

Tech and institutions are complements. Just as the industrial revolution's steam engines and factories needed corporations and capital markets to get the most out of them, so the eudaimonic revolution's radical technologies will need equally radical new institutions to bring forth their maximum, most disruptive potential.
America's (Really) Big Ideas Deficit | Umair Haque. On Global Prosperity.
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June 09 2013

The greatest fear I have is that nothing will change. People will see all these disclosures, they'll know the lengths the government is going to grant themselves powers unilaterally to create greater control over American society and global society – but they won't be willing to take the risks necessary to stand up and fight to change things, to force their representatives to take a stand in their interests, and in the months ahead, the years ahead, it's only going to get worse!
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden
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July 01 2012


June 10 2012

Während die Grünen die Pflichten des Einzelnen im demokratischen Staat hervorheben, betonen die Piraten eher die Rechte.
Grüne und Piraten als postmoderne Staatsparteien — CARTA
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September 19 2011

Es ist Talk Like A Pirate Day! Ich fang an: "Nur ein mündiger und aufgeklärter Mensch ist frei."
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