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December 16 2012

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Three years ago today the world lost Florian, and his absence has been felt ever since.

He had come to find the world unbearable – and to me it's still entirely unbearable that someone who was such a force for good was unable to make his place. 

Flo made things and inspired people wherever he went. As a teenager, he programmed games that were downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people and wrote tutorials to teach others. When he was 19, he founded the Austrian Pirate Party and stood up to the content mafia in TV talk shows. He was on board at the start of Soup. His project UrbanTakeover became the first – and as yet only – Austrian YCombinator participant. In his last year, now an art student, he worked on a crazy mutable JavaScript platform and countless incarnations of an epic pixel art game. He was an incredibly talented illustrator, and an avid fan of insane anime and alternative hip hop.

Everything he felt and did, he did intensely. It was amazing to watch the sparkle in his eyes as he tackled a new project with boundless enthusiasm, flailing his arms around and giggling gleefully as he convinced everyone around him of its awesomeness.
On the flipside, when he stumbled, he fell hard. Plans failed. Projects ran out of steam. He often was no easy person to deal with, and became alienated from many of his collaborators. He was deeply lost in unrequited romance.

It was obvious to most who knew him that his psychological situation was deteriorating. He was certainly not one of the people who hide their emotions at all. And yet, even though he was surrounded by people who he meant a lot to, and even though he received professional assistance for several months near the end, nobody was able to help enough.
That horrible fact still fucking tears me apart.

I last saw him on December 2nd, 2009, but I didn't speak with him for ridiculous reasons. On the 6th he emailed me, hoping to be able to talk at my birthday party.
Ten days later, he was gone forever.

Today, two people who were close to Flo are struggling with their own serious troubles – please don't forget them – and countless others suffer. Depression is so evil because in addition to hurting in the present it messes so badly with your ability to predict the future.
I hope you're taking care of yourself and those around you, and that you know to reach out when you need to, as everyone does sometimes.

It's pointless to wallow in regret, sadness and memories. I'll repeat the conclusion I came to three years ago: The only way I can think of to counteract the absence of such an intense positive force is that everyone who was touched by his energy becomes "that extra little bit better."
I'm trying, but there's a long way to go.
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May 26 2012

The founding days of Soup: In front of the @metalab with @esad and @florianhufsky – five years and one month ago. ♥
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December 17 2009

The world lost one of its greatest yesterday. This will not stand: It's now the duty of each of us to be that extra little bit better.
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December 16 2009


People with big dreams sometimes get lost

Today we lost a friend, and the world lost a relentlessly original, amazingly creative voice.
It feels hollow to be typing this into a form on a website, reminding us of the ultimate insignificance of all the pretty pixels on the screen, and of our helplessness in the face of real human problems. But as a crucial member of the initial Soup team back in 2007, Florian was a part of Soup, and his Soup accounts a part of him.
Words fail me. My normal approach is useless here. 
You'll be missed, Florian.
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