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September 27 2012

I learned how to program on this thing. Vobis Highscreen 386-DX33 with Win 3.1 and QBasic... and an external numpad. Good times!
I wonder what I would have done had I had the Internet back then?
Tags: c3o nostalgia
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July 16 2009

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While on the topic of 2001 dezign0r nostalgia... was Anamorph not the hottest shit we'd ever seen? Excuse the lo-res.
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June 17 2009

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The Metalab 3 years ago (filmed by @mzeltner)
It looks so empty!
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April 21 2009

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Just found this screenshot of Gigsampler, my first Rails project in 2005, and part of my diploma thesis: Get an instant playlist of music by bands who'll soon play in your city (on a website, as podcast or in various playlist formats).
Never launched this, and I still miss it. Podbop came along just when I was about to finish it, but doesn't cover Vienna in any meaningful way. Last.fm has all the data these days, but doesn't have the simplicity/focus or the city podcasts, so I almost never go to shows by bands I don't know well yet. Meh.
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January 27 2009

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Oh, hey – those parts are from the "Ice Planet 2002" lego series that I fondly remember.
Even back then (1993) I thought they were being overly optimistic with the title, though. 2002 came and went with no ice planet exploration in sight.
Tags: nostalgia

July 26 2008

Our memories are getting more beautiful and less real every day.
— Zadie Smith, On Beauty

May 07 2008

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