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December 09 2013

Aufklärung braucht Publikum. Was paroli, dossier oder der Falter machen, ist unendlich wichtig, aber das Problem daran ist, dass die Menschen, die diese Medien nutzen, meistens schon wissen, was drin steht. Das ist Information für schon sehr gut Informierte.
Armin Wolf
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November 18 2011

We finally raised some money for our online journalism project @lflux (http://lflux.org) – it's really happening now, thanks to Netidee.
@fin is & will be doing most of the actual work – I'm still 100% committed to Soup :)
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August 27 2011

Rethinking Online News by me and @fin at @cccamp11
Includes a presentation of Lux, our mockup for an article-less news source of the future.
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December 24 2010



Best diff algorithm (JS, Python etc)

October 01 2009


New News project page

So I'm actually doing this, despite a bunch of good reasons not to. Let's see if a team can be assembled out of thin air and a vague mixture of ideas can become something concise and comprehensible within less than two weeks: Knight News Challenge here we come.
"Because I know just little enough about the whole thing to not know why it all can't work."
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