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September 21 2010

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Ladytron sez: "How does it work? How does it work? You can figure out just how it works! Slow down, and you will find you can do it, if you use your mind!"
(just wish the audio wasn't a little messed up in the clip...)
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Yo Gabba Gabba! is a kid's show that includes a segment called The Super Music Friends Show where indie bands like Enon (above), Of Montreal, Chromeo, Ladytron, The Shins, Mates of State, MGMT and others perform catchy educational or sometimes just silly songs. This one seems to have an odd sinister message ("March, march, robots!") :) Love the animation too!

August 25 2010

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The Thermals–I Don't Believe You
A rocking song, a music video with cameos by Sleater-Kinney and (for a split second) Modest Mouse, and a laugh-out-loud ending. Three thumbs up!
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August 11 2010


Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse – Dark Night of the Soul

Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse collaborating with people like Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips), James Mercer (The Shins) and Scott Spillane (The Gerbils): How could the result be anything less than amazing? This is an incredibly rich, emotional album, where every single track is memorable and most of them are brilliant. It's a true shame Mark (Sparklehorse) didn't live to see its release.
Tags: music

May 07 2010

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And this is how we'll dance to Wolf Parade at Donaufestival tonight. I hope they have kittens wandering around too.
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April 21 2010

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Xiu Xiu – This Too Shall Pass Away (For Freddy)

Donaufestival 29.4. / WUK 26.5. – highly, highly recommended.
Tags: marvel music
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April 03 2010

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Das trojanische Pferd im Ausstellungsraum: Wien brennt.
Hübscher Raum, hübsche Texte, hübsches Cello: Die erste von mehreren schönen Zufallsentdeckungen des Abends.

March 29 2010

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YouTube - 8-bit counter with polyphonic square wave
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March 10 2010

Liger last week at the Rhiz. I was a huge fan when I first heard his music, but can't say I followed his career very closely since then. But wow, his, or I should rather now say their live show has really improved since I saw Dino years ago at the Shelter with some awful screamo band as his opener: This was intense and lots of fun. They still sound utterly like Xiu Xiu to the point where we found ourselves humming melodies and quoting lines from Xiu Xiu songs during the gig, but that just increased the entertainment value... don't miss that show when he comes back to Vienna.
(photo by davnull who's apparently everywhere)

March 07 2010

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EveryDay Looper iPhone app demo: This performance is a little dorky and a lot wonderful.
"Screw the violin, when I have a son/daughter I'll probably have to pay someone to teach her the 'iPhone'"Cody Brown
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March 05 2010

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The Sleigh Bells purposefully push their levels up way too high and fuck you if you've got a problem with that, you old person! The audio here was not recorded live (I just stuck it on a video of their live performance for extra confusion/to provide more interesting visuals than the cover of the demo record). It's really meant to sound like blown out speakers or straight from the mic of a crappy point-and-shoot camera. And I think I love that. MoreMore!

I'm telling you, the day will come when mainstream music will sound like Mahmoud Awad.
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March 03 2010

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A live performance on the Yamaha RM1x drum machine/synth/sequencer, which is sitting unused in the @metalab Medienlabor. Haven't figured out a lot yet, I need to go play with it some more. You can, too! (More: electro, breaks,...)
Tags: metalab music

February 23 2010

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Failotron playing at the opening party of HACK in Budapest: Lots of fun!
Video by the one and only Telehans (if you're viewing this on Facebook, you might want to manually skip the first 37 seconds of their travelogue :P)

January 12 2010

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Find me a friend who doesn't need to touch me
but touches me the right way every time

Trying to mend a broken heart with a bit of needlework, performing exorcisms with alcohol and violent kisses, having demons you'd really prefer to keep, filling holes with gaps and gaps with holes, playing roles that are both schizophrenic and beautiful, trying to find towns worth drifting to, drowning in the language of good memories, wondering whether you can trust meteors not to come crashing down: This is a record about the more fragile moments in life. Melancholy lyrics (though they are at times at least cautiously hopeful) are wrapped in wonderful, delicate melodies and warm sounds made by all kinds of instruments as the beautiful voice of Anna Kohlweis carries it all straight into your heart.

Until recently, my appreciation of Paper Bird had been a bit abstract: I knew she was a brilliant singer/songwriter from Vienna, I loved None of the Above and the recordings of her performing at Das Süße Eck (Oh the childhood memories of that place!), but I didn't own any of her albums and hadn't seen her live. I wanted to drag @oneup to one of her shows once two years ago, but it was delayed so much we left before she even started. When I heard she was playing at the prestigious Konzerthaus last November, I just had to go. It was a great night, but it wasn't until I took the time to really give this record (her third) a good, concentrated listen on headphones that I finally fell hopelessly in love with her music: I've hardly been able to listen to anything else since.
I tried getting her to play at 26 – unfortunately she had to decline, but she did so with the sweetest of rejection letters. One of Vienna's finest musicians and apparently an all-around good person: You should go buy her stuff, like, now.

Find her on: The WebMyspace / Facebook / Formspring
You might also like: Dear Nora, Cocorosie, Mirah

And I break loose because what I do I do best on my own
And what I'll be and what I'll need is in me and me (and me and me and me and me and me) alone
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November 28 2009

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Dälek, again, tonight.
Tags: music event

November 23 2009

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Jersey's music is nice. In an unoffensive, midtempo, pretty-neat-to-nod-your-head-to, probably-not-anyone's-favorite-band way – but sometimes that's just the right thing for a relaxed evening.
Tonight @ Arena Dreiraum, EUR 10
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November 18 2009

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Charlotte Gainsbourg & Beck – Heaven Can Wait
Tags: marvel music
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October 17 2009

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John Darnielle captures complex emotions in simple songs better than anyone else I've heard.

To pick out just three samples of his previous work:
Never has deeply heart-felt negativity been sung with so much gusto as in No Children ("I hope we come up with a fail-safe plot to piss off the dumb few that forgave us!"), one of my favorite songs of all time.
Going to Georgia from 1994 is pure poetry, establishing a deeply unsettling scene in a few abstract lines, only to resolve it blissfully a stanza later: "The most remarkable thing about you standing in the doorway–– is that it's you, and that you're standing in the doorway".
Woke Up New, finally, is a wonderfully bittersweet breakup song, beginning "I felt free and I felt lonely and I felt scared".

So now that I've established how much I love this band, I can tell you that The Life of the World to Come, LP number 17 (!), is a concept album based on Bible verses. If anyone can pull that off, it's John.

"Your ideas of God will come to rest upon you in your moment of profoundest degradation" says Darnielle, who's gone through phases of atheism and agnosticism in his own life, but is clearly intrigued and fascinated by strong, even fanatical belief. So he sings from the point of view of desecrators, murderers, loved ones of dying people – dealing with, bravely holding on to, desperately clinging to and finding strength and hope in their faith. And he manages to portray that in a way that is touching and admirable even to cynics like me.

The result is a beautiful collection of songs, though mostly quiet and dark, demanding more patience from the listener to be fully appreciated than his previous work.
My favorite so far, "Psalms 40:2" is an exception, bursting with manic energy ("Made for the chapel with some spray paint for all the things we'd held in secret"), while the minimalistic "Matthew 25:21" hit awfully close to home lyrically ("Tried to brace myself / But you can't brace yourself").
How I wish John would make it closer to Vienna than Berlin one of these days...

June 23 2009


The Most Serene Republic – ...and the Ever Expanding Universe

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Despite the melodramatic title, this is easily the most accessible album so far from this brilliant Ontario-based seven-piece band.

They combine octave-spanning vocal melodies like, say, The Shins with intensely multilayered arrangements like their label mates Broken Social Scene (from orchestral instruments to the occasional drum machine), complex beats and frequent mid-song changes in rhythm, and largely undecipherable, stream-of-consciousness lyrics, mostly sung in male-female duets.

For me their songs have the perfect amount of complexity and depth: It's hard to really grasp them on first listen, but once you've given them a few spins, you discover all the neat little intricacies and they actually become really catchy and memorable – and that point is reached much quicker on this album than on Underwater Cinematographer, Phages or Population.

This is a wonderful album, best played on the highest fidelity audio equipment you have, and one that I expect to grow on me even more over the next days.
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May 28 2009

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Because it was recorded on Universal Music's dime, Patrick's fourth album has the production values of a major label release: Pristine sound, gospel choirs, string sections: No expenses were spared here. But when it didn't end up sounding "conventional enough" for Universal, Patrick ended his major label experiment ("I was like, ‘thank you, thank you!’ – it was such a compliment", he says), asked fans to invest in finishing it through Bandstocks, and is now releasing The Bachelor on his own on June 1st.

It's the dark half of what was originally planned to be a double disc release: war, fear, regret, tragic love, bachelorism, suicide, hard times and hard lessons are the topics of the 13 songs – and yet there's an upbeat tone to several of them, with more than a glimmer of hope shining through even the darkest lyrics.

Musically, it spans all genres he has touched on so far: There's the complex electro pop that dominated his debut ("Count of Casualty" is actually built around a beat he made on an Atari at 16), the broody poetic folk from #2, the pop hooks that made #3 popular, and collaborator Alec Empire even introduces some new "digital hardcore" elements.

It took me a little to get used to the slickness of the sounds, but when I found myself unable to stop humming the melodies for days after listening, any doubts were removed: Yes, it's a bit more disjointed, with a little less fantasy and a little more gloss than before, but ultimately it's yet another brilliant record by the artist I've listened to more than any other for the last years. And despite his incredible journey so far he luckily has no plans of slowing down, as he tells us on the final track:

"Fearless, 15 / First came that dream, to be seen / To know love, the world and all its stages / Now 25, made it alive and what a life I have known / Not gonna stop, never fully grown / ... / I'll seize the day / Make life as traveler / Work as messenger / With my pain and my pleasure / ... / Start my traveling now"

Video and audio over at the emo soup
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