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September 16 2014

Hacker meritocracy, like all “meritocracies,” reinscribes systems of oppression by victim-blaming those who aren’t allowed to succeed within it, or gain the skills it values. Hacker meritocracy casts non-technical skills as irrelevant, and punishes those who lack technical skills. Having “technical merit” becomes a requirement to defend oneself online.
The Fantasy and Abuse of the Manipulable User, by Betsy Haibel | Model View Culture
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December 13 2013

Das nur nach Leistung beurteilen gemäß der Hackerethik anstatt nach „Aussehen, Alter, Herkunft, Spezies, Geschlecht oder gesellschaftliche[r] Stellung“ ist zwar ein netter Versuch, aber einer, der in einer Gesellschaft, die von diskriminierenden Strukturen durchzogen ist, natürlich nicht gegen Diskriminierung wirkt sondern diese reproduziert.
Chaos exClusion Club | sanczny
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December 13 2012

Hacker culture is a great example of a meritocracy. Some of the most privileged of the privileged got together and formed a community around the idea that they were smarter than everyone else. They created an arbitrary set of metrics for membership and according to their metrics, they triumphed.
you keep using that word | Geek Feminism Blog
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