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March 01 2012

I am driven by two main philosophies: Know more today about the world than I knew yesterday; and lessen the suffering of others.
Neil deGrasse-Tyson
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July 03 2011

I am only the current location of these thoughts.
Jason Overby
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April 20 2011

Statistically speaking, you will die having missed almost everything. ...

You don't need to do it all. You just need to do it well. ...

The more motivating question for me is: what have I produced? If time is an input, what is my output? ...

Anything I accomplish will only have temporary meaning. And no, that doesn't bum me out. ...

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." ...

The connection between beings is what life is about – a moment of escape from our corporal prisons. ...

Experience is not about quantity, it's about those magical moments when your world expands in a violent flight, and about learning to love the world in new ways. ...

If you were the last person on the planet, would you still read and listen to music? ...

It is so effortless today to produce art that works of incredible beauty are common enough to no longer be particularly notable. If it looks like nobody stands above the rest as clearly as Mozart or Beethoven once did, it is because the top end has become crowded, not because it was depopulated. ...

Just because [books have] been the norm does not make them the best method of knowledge transfer.

[Today more than ever,] it is an important ability being able to find, understand and implement stored knowledge. The killer app for knowledge is no longer distribution but contextual searching of data.
Hacker News: The Sad, Beautiful Fact That We're All Going To Miss Almost Everything aka why I love HN. So much food for thought on a single page.
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November 26 2008

[Since the atoms of our brains are constantly being replaced,] what we are is patterns. We have a built-in desire to extend the patterns for as long as possible, but at the same time we don't want to preserve the patterns in a fixed state, or we would never learn or grow.

Simultaneously, we are part of larger patterns which — like the atoms in our brains — we enter into, subtly alter, then leave. [O]ur influence on the larger patterns is the most enduring thing we can have.
jcl @ Hacker News re: purpose of life
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