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September 05 2013

You and I face the difficult choice of trading meaning for money; we weigh the searing moments of real human accomplishment against the soul-sucking "work" of earning the next car payment by polishing up another meaningless PowerPoint deck packed with tactics to win games whose net result is the creation of little of real value for much of anyone who's not a sociopath.

This is the deepest kind of theft; not merely prosperity having been looted from societies, but significance having been stolen from human lives. [...] Detonate this toxic trade-off – [...] rebel against it and forge better opportunities.

[Let's] patch up this clapped out, wheezing train wreck of a so-called economy, so that there's not a sharp, painful trade off between meaning and money; [forge] an "economy" in which material wealth roughly, crudely lines up with meaning; in which "profit" reflects real human benefit delivered (instead of how many towns and lives you've looted this quarter).
Making the Choice Between Money and Meaning - Umair Haque
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October 25 2011

As with music and painting, we use language to express what we are not able to say.
Michèle Cooke
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