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November 18 2012

Alex Peake: Hacking the future of hacker spaces. What would the world be like if 100% of humans were literate coders, hackers, artists, scientists, thinkers & doers? How do we reach the "2 billion under 20" (not just the 20)?
Featuring a shout-out to @metalab

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February 11 2012

I've called Alex Peake "the prototypical hacker" before. He's now raising money for continued development of Code Hero, a 3D game that teaches programming, on Kickstarter. Alex and his projects make the world a little bit better – so check it out, chip in and spread the word!
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November 22 2011

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Alex Peake (as seen at 27) at Open Science Summit on some of humanity's worst investment decisions and how game coding is a gateway into hacking, hackerspaces, making and activism. He them demoes his project Code Hero, which seems to be coming along nicely!
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December 11 2010

To me, Noisebridge's Alex Peake is the prototypical hacker, and one of the most inspiring, driven people I've met. Here's his presentation on "What happens when we make machines that make us make them to make us them?".
It gets a little hard to follow his argumentative leaps near the end [and not just the end of that title!], but it's still a fascinating talk.
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