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January 09 2014

Führungskompetenz besteht in Wahrheit darin, Kompetenz zu suggerieren, die es gar nicht geben kann.
10 Schritte, die Sie in jedem Konzern garantiert nach oben bringen
Satireartikel – aber ich find, da ist was dran. Ziemlich kaputt, das alles... (via @heinz)
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December 04 2012


I used to believe that time was the most important thing I have, but I’ve come to believe differently. The single most valuable resource I have is uninterrupted thought.

adam brault: I quit Twitter for a month
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September 07 2012

Any talent I have as a leader is subdued by my doubt that anyone should follow. I have never been a follower, so how could I ask anyone to follow me? Why should others devote their lives to my dream when they can devote it to their own dream?
It is a valid question, but the answer is simple: We may share dreams.
Eskil Steenberg
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