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March 24 2015

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World airports voronoi map: The closest airport to any point on the globe.
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March 05 2015

What would it mean for software to serve us in living well?
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June 13 2014


September 12 2012


August 10 2012

Governments no longer just ‘own‘ websites, they are websites: Increasingly, when a modern citizen looks at a government website, they’re literally seeing the state. And if what they see is ugly, confusing or down-right-broken, increasingly that’s how they’re going to see the state as a whole.

But in governments around the world, the top bosses do not stress every day about whether the user experience of their website is up to scratch, or whether conversion rates are lower than desirable.
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August 07 2012

One Race, Every Medialist Ever (NYTimes) – this is excellently done.
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August 31 2010

Dimensions is a BBC site that "takes important places, events and things, and overlays them onto a map of where you are." – Check out Burning Man or The Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch compared to Vienna. Very cool!
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April 17 2010

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Mein alter Studiengang hat ein Imagevideo. Nicht übel.

March 12 2010

A sentence written in Lovers Communication System, a pictogram system developed by Yukio Ota, who also drew the original "running man" emergency exit icon.
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October 01 2009

The blog format is responsible for a thousand tawdry tablogs: hideous half-breeds of tabloid and blog built around odeous content, cluttered site designs, and optimised for pageviews alone.

Tabloggers aren’t writing; they’re creating content — content that hopes to satisfy self-inflicted quotas [and] boost traffic. Tabloggers write from a sense of obligation; a feeling that their content must be regular and — worst of all — useful.
Yet tablogs publish the ugliest kind of useful information: vacuous lists, tutorials, and recycled how-tos that try so hard to be handy as to become meaningless, soulless, voiceless and occasionally dangerous.

Add to this the machine gun calls to action in the form of me-too social networks, overpriced affiliate promotions, and chocolate box ad matrices, and what you have is a shit tip of information design.
Rise of the Tablog → Put Things Off

(Die, SmashingMagazine, die!)

August 18 2008

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The Girl Effect – The style of this is like a crossover between my all time-favorite web art project YHCHANG and all those recently trendy typographical motion graphics: Simple, bold and effective. I also like the watercolor logo – great design all around.
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June 24 2008

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Incidentally, that is exactly what this map I made (manually, by guessing) two years ago estimated. bestposts
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