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March 10 2011


What a hackerspace should be

A hackerspace should be a place for people who share a roughly similar mindset – curious, driven, creative, do-it-yourself, more action than talk, nonconservative, not bound by norms and conventions – but apply that to different projects in different ways: open source, hobby projects, activism, art, teaching, commercial startups, etc.

On the other hand, there are countless events and places for people who use the same approach/do the same thing (for example: web startups), but with different mindsets and motivations (passion/profit/glamour/etc.)

Personally, I'd much rather spend time with random creative, passionate people of whatever discipline and persuasion than with random startup people (pitch events, startup drinks) or, say, social web enthusiasts (Barcamp, Twittagessen,...). With the latter the chance is much higher that our mindsets aren't really compatible.

That also means that hackerspaces have to be careful of being overrun by people with very different mindsets, because that kills a lot of positive feedback loops – although that's obviously a delicate balance to strike.

Stuff I kinda knew already, but that became clearer than ever to me today in a conversation with @esad...
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August 29 2010


April 18 2010

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12 hours before our planned launch, Icarus, as Andrew's phone-home code for the Android had been dubbed, was working beautifully. Everything else was a shambles...
And yet, Noisebridge, the SF hacker space, did it: They sent a balloon into the stratosphere. Whoa. See also: Hackerspaces in Space
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October 12 2009


Hacker Dojo

Mountain View hacker/startup space
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