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October 22 2013

Used inclusively, the word "white" has no connotations whatsoever of race. ... There is great beauty to a phrase such as "All whites are created equal." 
Douglas Hofstadter - On Purity in Language, 1985

July 25 2013

Sprache und Gender Bullshit-Bingo by @peterpansexual
Tags: gender
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May 24 2013

Sexism isn't something science can steamroller away on the road to a techno-utopian future. It is far more likely that sexism will shape the uses to which scientific discoveries are put in ways few but feminists will be warning us about. ...

It isn't enough to point to the evil of the violences and vulnerabilities of sexism and heteronormativity, the fact remains that sex-gender is not so much a disease as a language we all speak, a language we have to learn if we are to speak at all. People who recognize that language can be used to lie or confuse don't declare ourselves post-linguistic, but strive to remake language to tell more truth. We use it to testify to neglected experiences, we subject it to critical scrutiny, we use it to make poetry. ...

I'll stick with the feminists in the real world for now, thanks, and leave the transhumanist "post-genderists" in the science fiction aisle.
amor mundi: "Post-Gender" or Gender Poets?
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December 19 2012

"This is the real ad for one of the guns used to kill 20 children and six adults in the recent school massacre in Newtown, CT
We talk a lot about how unrealistically airbrushed models affect the way women and girls see themselves, but with 61 of the past 62 mass shootings having been committed by men, we need to open a dialogue about the idea of masculinity and how it affects the way we men see ourselves."
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December 13 2012

Hacker culture is a great example of a meritocracy. Some of the most privileged of the privileged got together and formed a community around the idea that they were smarter than everyone else. They created an arbitrary set of metrics for membership and according to their metrics, they triumphed.
you keep using that word | Geek Feminism Blog
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November 18 2012

I’m a guy, and I need feminism. Everything that men can’t do or are socially punished for arises from misogyny. Whether I am expressing my emotions, playing with children, baking, having sex wherein I am penetrated in any way, wearing the wrong color, talking the wrong way, moving the wrong way, being sexually harassed/assaulted, or paying too little attention to looking like I’m not paying attention to how I look – when society punishes me or derides me or marginalizes me for these things, it is happening because they are things women, not men, are expected to do, and our society at large fucking hates women.
queer as in...
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November 12 2012

Emotional outbursts typically more associated with men (shouting, expressing anger openly) are given a pass in public discourse in a way that emotional outbursts typically more associated with women (crying, “getting upset”) are stigmatized.
Bullish Life: When Men Get Too Emotional To Have A Rational Argument
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November 03 2012

Wenn Zweisprachige die Sprache wechseln, so ändert sich auch ihr Geschlechterbild, etwa was "männliche" oder "weibliche" Berufe sind. Dies ergab eine Studie von PsychologInnen der Universität Freiburg. Sie untermauert die These, dass zwischen Sprache und Gedanken ein enger Bezug besteht.
dieStandard.at › Wissenschaft
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October 08 2012


More women in engineering: Something that ACTUALLY WORKED for Etsy

Just saying stuff internally isn't credible. Most technical interviews suck and undermine diversity goals.
Etsy gave out grants specifically to female participants of their "hacker school" that they recruit from instead of just using interviews, which balanced out the gender ratio of attendees and "felt like a real invitation" rather than just lofty talk.
Tags: learn gender
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October 05 2012

"Angezeigte Genderingform: Eichhörnchen". Wenn Sie's gern anders hätten, bitte einfach klicken. Solving social problems with technology – done ✓. Or not?
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September 17 2012

"Men seek youth and beauty, while women focus on wealth and status" — evolutionary psychologists have claimed that these general preferences in human mating are universal and based on biology. But new research suggests: The greater the equality of power between the genders, the more similar the traits that both men and women seek in potential mates.
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September 12 2012

As the culture evolves, people who benefitted from the old ways invariably see themselves as victims. Once you grasp the concept of privileged distress, you’ll see it everywhere: the rich feel “punished” by taxes; whites believe they are the real victims of racism; employers’ religious freedom is threatened when they can’t deny contraception to their employees — it goes on and on. ...

Supremacy itself isn’t hate. You may even have affection for the person you feel superior to. ... But supremacy turns to hate when the feeling of innate superiority is openly challenged. ....

[People experiencing privileged distress] deserve compassion, but [the actually oppressed] deserve justice. ... [we should] acknowledge their distress while continuing to point out the difference in scale. ... The ones who still want to be good people need to be offered hope that such an outcome is possible in this new world.
The Distress of the Privileged « The Weekly Sift liberally quoted (via maymay)
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August 29 2012

Mädchen und Frauen haben [...] inzwischen weibliche Vorbilder, die ebenfalls “Männersachen” tun, ohne ihre Weiblichkeit dadurch aufs Spiel zu setzen. Unter Männern [jedoch gibt es] noch keine Kultur dafür, wie sie ihre Männlichkeit behalten können, ohne sich von allem als “weiblich” Identifizierten abgrenzen zu müssen.

Diese Überraschungsei-Affäre macht das besonders plakativ anschaulich: Mädchen können alle Eier kaufen. Jungens aber dürfen auf keinen Fall die Mädchen-Eier kaufen.
Beim pinken Überraschungsei geht es nicht um Mädchen, sondern um Jungen « Aus Liebe zur Freiheit (frei zitiert, via @lutoma)
Der Artikel stellt die Situation für Mädchen sicher ein wenig optimistisch dar, but it does make a good point.
Tags: wonder gender
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August 23 2012

The ratio of male to female pronouns [used in books] ... peaked at around 4.5:1 in the mid-1960s. The ratio had shrunk to 3:1 by 1975, and less than 2:1 by 2005.
Study tracks rise of feminine pronouns
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July 11 2012

There is no gender identity behind the expressions of gender; ... identity is performatively constituted by the very "expressions" that are said to be its results.
Judith Butler via Boka
Tags: wonder gender

May 21 2011

Stefanie Wuschitz (Miss Baltazar's Laboratory) at Transmediale 2011 about her experience in international hacker spaces.

"Hackerspace members think of themselves as being extremely open-minded and welcoming, but they're just not. It's a very elite group [whose members] distinguish themselves very strongly from others with certain codes. [They do so unwillingly], but the problem is that they don't acknowledge that [fact]."
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January 13 2011

My Last.fm Gender Plot: I listen to more stereotypically female than male music, I'm older than most people listening to what I listen to, Dälek is the most macho artist I like and PatrickMirah, Kimya and The Blow are hanging out in a queer little group of their own all the way down at the femme edge of the graph (presumably eyeing Jónsi [edit: and even Dear Nora!] suspiciously over there in gender-balanced territory).
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April 20 2010

Das Diktum des sozialen Geschlechtes, des Rollenzwangs und der festgelegten Verhaltensmuster gilt ebenso für Männer. Weil diese davon aber materiell und sozial immer profitiert haben, wurde erst in jüngerer Zeit zum Thema, dass Geschlechterrollen auch für Männer ein Korsett sind, das ihnen mehr schadet als nützt. ... Frauen haben durch den Feminismus ihre Möglichkeiten erweitert, Männern steht dieser Schritt noch bevor.
Das [Deutsche] Grüne Männer-Manifest (via Armin)

October 20 2009

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On Girls, Boys, and IT Careers
Google TechTalk by Dr. Cornelia Brunner (59:00)

Butch vs. femme ways of thinking about tech, and what the difference means for IT education: "[Currently we're focused on] finding the girls who are interested to think in butch ways [...] and making them feel comfortable in [the butch IT] world. The missing piece is inducting femme thinkers into this universe."
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August 30 2009

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