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November 12 2014

Prof. Peter Purgathofer spricht mit Game Designer Lev Ledit über Spiele und Spielen im weitesten Sinne, und es lohnt sich wirklich außerordentlich, zuzuhören!
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October 31 2014

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This War of Mine
Wow, this is truly pushing the boundaries of the medium. I haven't really played any games in years and I want to get this.
Tags: marvel games
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August 25 2013

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Papers, Please: "A dystopian document thriller"
"An example of video games as true art", says Ars Technica.
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December 26 2012

Anna Anthropy, author of dys4ia: "I want people to realize that a game can be a way to share an idea, to help us understand each other a little better."
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June 05 2012

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World Peace and other 4th-Grade Achievements (Extended Trailer)
Oooh, look! Education! (Inspired by Buckminster Fuller's "World Peace Game". TED talk here.) 
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January 16 2011


December 16 2010

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"I'm either going to kill myself, or I'm going to turn this into a game": Jane McGonigal turned her recovery from suicidal depression after a debilitating injury into a simple roleplaying game – what a brilliant approach.
Reality is Broken, her book on using gameplay to improve our daily lives (and no, that doesn't mean slapping points and badges on mundane activities), is out soon.
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December 11 2010

To me, Noisebridge's Alex Peake is the prototypical hacker, and one of the most inspiring, driven people I've met. Here's his presentation on "What happens when we make machines that make us make them to make us them?".
It gets a little hard to follow his argumentative leaps near the end [and not just the end of that title!], but it's still a fascinating talk.
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