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March 05 2015

Some things that almost everyone regrets—like Farmville and cigarette smoking—are billion dollar industries. Other things are undervalued: empathy, creative thinking, and even simple activities like picnics or learning a musical instrument. Why is that? Is it human nature? Or have we been neglecting to [incentivize people doing] what they really want in their lives?
Two Kinds of Demand — Medium
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July 25 2014

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November 09 2013

We’re surrounded by “banks” that blow up economies composed of “corporations” which mostly make you want to submit to lethal injection rather than show up for your soul-sucking “job” so you can deliver another few pennies of “profit” that doesn’t have much real value except how many megabucks were looted today in “markets” that are populated by zombie vampire cyborg robots trading worthless bits of imaginary “money” at lightspeed for the benefit of “shareholders” who are mostly pension “funds” that don’t provide security for anyone but “chief executives” who don’t execute much but the careers of “managers” who don’t manage much but the mass assembly of powerpoints for the production of “goods” that don’t actually benefit anyone to buy with “money” we don’t have anymore to live lives we don’t really want to impress people we mostly hate so our “gross national product” adds up to more and more and more McShit every quarter.

[And] today’s leaders are staunch allies [of these institutions], not their adversaries. ...

We don’t come to supplicate you; to beseech you; to beg you; to petition you. We come to replace you.
The Great Dereliction - Umair Haque
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November 04 2013

There is still time to avoid catastrophic global warming, but not within the rules of capitalism as they are currently constructed.
Naomi Klein: How science is telling us all to revolt
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March 02 2013

What if the private pursuit of profit was—for a long time—proximate to improving the lot of humans but not identical to it? ... [Corporations] are [now] getting better and better at ensuring their needs are met.
mini. Quiet Babylon | The Singularity Already Happened; We Got Corporations
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November 18 2012

Many of us have great hopes for our energy future that involve a transition to a gleaming renewable energy infrastructure, but we face a serious bottleneck in its implementation.

Once we enter a decline phase in fossil fuel availability, energy scarcity will quickly become the new norm, which I feel will be the only motivator strong enough to make us serious about a replacement path.

The invisible hand of the market will slap us silly demanding a new energy infrastructure based on non-fossil solutions.

But here’s the rub: The construction of that shiny new infrastructure requires not just money, but…energy. And that’s the very commodity in short supply.

Will we be [politically] willing to sacrifice additional energy in the short term—effectively steepening the decline—for a long-term energy plan?
The Oil Drum | The Energy Trap liberally quoted
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September 19 2012

Ambition is fired by possibility, not by deprivation, as a tour through the world’s poorest regions makes clear.
People are motivated when they feel competent. They are motivated when they have more opportunities.
Thurston Howell Romney - NYTimes.com
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February 09 2012

The future of our economy depends on the rebels succeeding: At every point in the last forty years, wealth, health, and happiness in our economy has been built on the freedom to disrupt the entrenched powers, not the preservation of their rent-seeking monopolies.

It will be the same with the RIAA, the MPAA, Intellectual Ventures, and everyone else scheming to enthral the people with digital “rights” management and criminal prosecution of “file sharing.” In the destruction of the monopolization of ideas lies the seeds of another revolution, one that will bring wealth, freedom, and jobs.
I have a bad feeling about this - raganwald
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