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March 05 2015

What would it mean for software to serve us in living well?
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August 10 2014


November 21 2013

How British cyberneticist Stafford Beer's writing, infographics, and industrial design for his ambitious Cybersyn Project worked together to create a science fictional narrative of omniscience and omnipotence for Salvador Allende's socialist government in Chile.

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July 26 2012

Israeli graphic design students redesign "this site has been hacked" pages, send the designs to hacker groups. (Less cool: This is a guerilla ad campaign for the design school thought up by a big agency.)
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October 02 2011


October 10 2010


Gapify your logo

What would happen if the designer of the new Gap logo was unleashed on the world's most recognizable brands? ... Some of those are actually improvements.
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June 06 2010


September 27 2009

Hab ich schon erwähnt, dass ich die neue Burgtheater-Kampagne bzw. Identität ganz großartig finde?
Tags: marvel design
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August 15 2009

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The logos of 48 national postal services compared
Just rediscovered this, collected them back in 2005 when I wanted to start a real blog as one of the potential topics (it was supposed to become a series). So instead of a fancy-pants post that takes hours to prepare I'm throwing it into the Soup instead.
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July 16 2009

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While on the topic of 2001 dezign0r nostalgia... was Anamorph not the hottest shit we'd ever seen? Excuse the lo-res.
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April 09 2009

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The new Symbian Foundation identity, home of Nokia's recently open sourced mobile phone OS.
It's intriguing how offbeat this is (illustrations), but is it trying too hard to come across as soft and cuddly? I'm a little skeptical that this identity will help attract developer goodwill, which I suppose is what they need right now to fight the notion they're becoming irrelevant compared to the iPhone and Android platforms. Also not at all a fan of their font choice.
Tags: design ci
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February 24 2009

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Why is half of live.com set in Verdana, and the other in its ugly (too tightly tracked) cousin Tahoma? Why are links never underlined, but vary in color from blue to black to grey (aka text-colored) to orange? Why is everything inconsistently aligned and placed? Why are most UI elements like tabs or dropdowns excessively minimalistic (you can be thankful if there's a very light grey hairline around some text to indicate it's something to be interacted with), yet other elements like the avatar images have a heavyhanded combo of drop shadow, bevel and glossy effects?
Why does everything look like a very rough first draft rather than a polished product? Do things look acceptable in IE, maybe? Also: Would you please sort out your damn domains? Live.com is a search engine called "Live Search". "Windows Live" resides at "home.live.com". Logging out there redirects you to "MSN.com". What?
Also also: Do people really get paid to come up with run-on, generic product names like "Microsoft Office Live Small Business Beta"?
Just wondering.
Tags: design

December 16 2008

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This has got to be the airline with the worst branding and design ever: The name that sounds vaguely Finnish if you don't immediately get which two words it's made out of, the livery with that atrocious sketch of a fly on the plane's nose and the awkwardly rotated Niki logo on the tail, the ads (a really bad illustration of Niki Lauda is scaring people in Stockholm's subway system, others think it depicts Pope Benedict): The entire CI by Hannes Rausch (who was previously responsible for Lauda Air and Red Zac, among others) looks dated and amateurish.
Just look at that image above: Why two different shades of blue for the oval and the text? That font's almost worse than Comic Sans. And why is Niki's head tinted red?!

Plus, the airline also has the least legroom I've yet experienced on a low-cost carrier. Free sandwiches and newspapers don't make up for that.
Tags: design
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October 12 2008


We Bleed Design: The portfolio of Bryan Katzel

Holy shit, what an awesome background image hack. Most creative use of HTML/CSS I've seen in months.
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September 28 2008

Stefan Sagmeister: "Obsessions make my life worse and my work better" (made out of cent coins)
Tags: marvel design
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Tags: marvel design

August 01 2008


July 09 2008


Serif vs. Sans Serif Legibility - Literature review

"weak claims and counter-claims, and study after study with findings of "no difference"... it makes much more sense to argue on aesthetic grounds than on legibility."

May 16 2008


April 29 2008

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Researching international Red Cross websites: It's really amazing in how many different ways you can fuck up such a simple symbol as a 16x16 favicon.
The only good one I found among dozens of sites is the bottom right one, from the Austrian Red Cross's European soccer championship site. bestposts
Tags: wonder design
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