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August 22 2011

Life expectancy increases slightly every year as treatment strategies and technologies improve. At present, more than one year of research is required for each additional year of expected life. Actuarial escape velocity occurs when this ratio reverses, so that life expectancy increases faster than one year per year of research.
Indefinite lifespan - Wikipedia
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July 03 2011

I am only the current location of these thoughts.
Jason Overby
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April 18 2011

I will not die — it's the world that will end.
Ayn Rand quoting an unknown philosopher
(apropros a recent discussion)
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November 26 2008

I think [it is] a sensible coping strategy for transhumanist atheists to donate to an anti-death charity after a loved one dies. Death hurt us, so we will unmake Death. Let that be the outlet for our anger, which is terrible and just.
—  Eliezer Yudkowsky
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