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October 04 2011

Computers have vastly underserved their users. ... It’s a beautiful shrine built on a foundation of tinker toys. ...
Today’s computing can’t take us into the future. ... Computer science has utterly failed to tackle the real world problems, things like automating jobs so people don’t have to work, or working hand in hand with humans to explore solutions we have trouble seeing ourselves. We are so far from a Star Trek-style future utopia that it breaks my heart. ...

You should literally be able to tell [the computer] what you want it to do and it would do its darnedest to do a good job for you. Computers today are the opposite of that. They own you and bend you to their will. And I don’t think people fully realize how trapped we are within this aging infrastructure. ...

The majority of users are algorithmically illiterate. That’s a travesty in 2011. ... Programming, at least the fundamentals, should be taught in elementary school just like any other language ...
The Real Zack Morris | The State of the Art is Terrible
Oh, what a lovely all-over-the-place rant.
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