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November 18 2010

Yes there are places in the world where people dream up dreams / so simply un-fantastical and practical they seem / to lose all possibility of thinking super things. ... So please my child do keep in mind before you go to bed / to dream a dream as big as big could ever dream to be / ...
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December 10 2009

Gene variants generally considered misfortunes (poor Jim, he got the “bad” gene) can instead now be understood as highly leveraged evolutionary bets, with both high risks and high potential rewards. ... [T]he children who suffer most from bad environments also profit the most from good ones.
The Science of Success – The Atlantic

December 06 2009

The Hidden Park is an augmented reality iPhone game for kids:
"The children navigate their way through the park by following a map that lets them know where the magical creatures live. [They] must solve puzzles and riddles on their way to the next destination. Clues to the answers can be found on the signposts in the park. Following Trutton’s directions, the children take photos of various landmarks. As if by magic, Trutton’s fantastical friends appear in the photos – sometimes right next to the children!"
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