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December 01 2014

Wir glauben nicht an den Marsch durch die Institutionen [...]. Es ist unmöglich sich gemäß der Logik A nach oben zu arbeiten und oben angekommen plötzlich gemäß Logik B zu handeln. Den einzigen Ausweg sehen wir in der Schaffung eines Raumes jenseits der herrschenden Logik.
8 Jahre Sektion 8: Ein Conclusio zum Abschied
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October 07 2014

The greatest insult: "You haven't changed a bit."
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September 10 2014

No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them.
— Assata Shakur (Black Panther Party)
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May 16 2014

We associate maturity with a sober acceptance of a great many things that we should refuse to accept.

Why is there still so much suffering all around? Why do some have so much and others so little? Why are most jobs mindless? Why can’t there be more security and leisure? Why do anxiety and fear persist almost everywhere? Aren’t we destroying the planet for no particular reason or reward? Couldn’t we start again in some new way?

We are made to understand – in a variety of subtle ways – that these aren’t serious questions (growing up means being made very aware of the dangers of being idealistic or even worse ‘naive’); these are the sorts of questions that fourteen-year-olds write poems about or argue with their parents over.

Depart from the agenda and with bewildering speed, one ends up in territory deemed ‘radical’ and therefore, ridiculous – even if most of what we now take for granted (a minimum wage, child protection, environmental legislation) started off by seeming entirely radical, if not insane, to ‘sensible’ opinion.

[These questions are] at this point in our history too significant to be stumblingly raised only in private in the middle of the night or else shouted in a hoarse voice from a megaphone seconds before a police charge.
How economic news keeps us dumb and stops us changing the world | Philosophers' Mail
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April 22 2014

The only way to bring about real change is to act through competing institutions.
Revolutions in consciousness cannot be made lasting and effective until legions of people start to work together in concert for a common aim and, rather than relying on the intermittent pronouncements of mountain-top prophets, begin the unglamorous and deeply boring task of wrestling with issues of law, money, long-term mass communication, advocacy and administration. ...
The urgent question is how to ally the very many good ideas which currently slumber in the recesses of intellectual life with proper organisational tools that actually stand a chance of giving them real impact in the world.
Advice for those who want to change the world | Philosophers' Mail
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February 07 2014

To deal with an uncertain future and still move forward: Have strong opinions which are weakly held.
Strong Opinions, Weakly Held - Bob Sutton
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July 09 2012

My life goal: To never become one of those old people whose death young people are waiting for so that change can happen.
Twitter / sfslim
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April 30 2010

The idea that it's easier to [wait for people to] die than change says a lot, and none of it comforting, about how little potential we see in ourselves, how rigid we think we are, trapped in some kind of evolutionary psychology/sociological hell where progress is dependent on those who know perfectly well that all they have to do is be loud enough, rigid enough, difficult enough that they can hold up movement simply by standing still. ...

Change is what happens when we stop waiting.

We've had too many generations of casualties already; no one, no one should have it demanded of them to be a sacrifice to the idea [that] the only way to move [is] slowly.
Seperis [liberally quoted]
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