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July 27 2014

Hipstamatic was plagued by its own market success. Instagram had generated no revenue since it launched, yet sold at a market valuation of roughly $1 billion. Hipstamatic didn't have the same “advantage.” The self-funded startup pulled in $10 million last year, and was on track to more than double its revenue in 2012. "For us, raising money was always super awkward because we made money," Buick says. "It fucked everything up and we'd get a different valuation. Like, 'Oh you have numbers? Well, I'm going to put the X here and the Y here, and this is what you're worth.' It's like, 'No, no, no, we don't make money! I lied!'"
No Filter: How Hipstamatic Pivoted Into A Flat Spin | Fast Company – Startups that actually make money are at a disadvantage to raise money on hopes for the future.
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February 23 2014

At its best, the purpose of enterprise is to evoke the highest human potential. ... Enterprise, by [which] I mean your very hard work and ideas, your talents and gifts, your capacities and skills, the raw stuff of your fragile human potential, has got to be employed with a higher purpose: one that speaks to what it means to be human. ... Develop a view of enterprise that’s not merely instrumental, calculative, and deterministic (“Work, money, stuff, power, status, rinse, repeat”) — but humanistic, constructive, and nuanced. ... How do you want the world to differ — how do you want life to be meaningfully wholer, richer, better?
Overthrow Yourself - Umair Haque
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July 09 2011

My job, on any given day, is doing something which makes me happy – for a complex definition of “happy”, which includes things not strictly related to me, such as “Is the world better for this having been done?” and “Are the people who matter to me well taken care of if I do this?” 
Kalzumeus Software: How Running A Business Changes The Way You Think
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I distinctly remember the first time I quoted someone over email.  I typed a number, agonized over it for ten minutes, then typed a number 50% higher, then curled up in the fetal position for a few minutes, then impulsively hit Send and started hyperventilating.  Ten minutes later I got an email back and, to my enduring surprise, they did not hate my guts.
Kalzumeus Software: How Running A Business Changes The Way You Think
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