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November 16 2014

Tags: laugh books
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October 31 2011

Books are great at capturing ideas, claiming cultural ownership of ideas, generating speaking gigs based on ideas and getting authors paid for ideas. But books are much, much less great at actually propagating ideas. ...

Books don’t go viral ...because the thing that makes books lucrative to authors and publishers — their ability to restrain ideas, to wall them off from the non-book-buying world — is antithetical to virality. ...

The system has been designed to advance books within the marketplace, rather than the marketplace of ideas. It aims at publicity rather than publicness, at selling objects rather than propelling the arguments they contain.
‘Public Parts’ and its public parts: In a networked world, can a book go viral? » Nieman Journalism Lab

Ideas are always parts of processes and discourses, never finished products. The web is the only medium that can represent/provide this adequately.
(Related: Scientific journals. I can really only sum that whole clusterfuck up in three letters: WTF?!)

Also, still badly needed: Much, much better online discussion software. Let's please work on that?

September 13 2011

Penguin Books makes a series of really well-done book promo vids. This one is for Is That A Fish In Your Ear? by David Bellos, but see their Vimeo for more.
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August 24 2010


Offener Bücherschrank

Bookcrossing im öffentlichen Raum: schon an zwei Orten in Wien, zwei weitere folgen bald. Ein Projekt von Frank Gassner – das ist übrigens der, der das Metalab einst mit "völlig vertrottelte computernerds" zusammenfasste ;)
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