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September 03 2013

WTF, Evolution: Honoring natural selection's most baffling creations
Tags: marvel biology
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July 24 2012


Breakthrough: The First Complete Computer Model of a Living Organism

The model accounts for every molecular interaction that takes place in the life cycle of Mycoplasma genitalia, the world's smallest free-living bacteria. ... Their model was able to predict the phenotype (what the organism looks like) by using the genotype alone.
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December 10 2009

Gene variants generally considered misfortunes (poor Jim, he got the “bad” gene) can instead now be understood as highly leveraged evolutionary bets, with both high risks and high potential rewards. ... [T]he children who suffer most from bad environments also profit the most from good ones.
The Science of Success – The Atlantic

May 10 2009

Play fullscreen
White blood cell vs. bacterium
(Video from the 1950s)
Tags: wonder biology
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