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November 19 2010


Things that are good about this world, #928: Childlike, whimsical naiveté

The anti-cool. Not distanced, ironic, smug or macho but instead honest, optimistic, sweet, sensitive, delightful and emo: Miranda July, Kimya Dawson, Keri Smith, Dallas Clayton, The Blow, twee pop,...
Stereotypically female (or rather femme?) qualities I suppose, looking at that list.
Who/what else?
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November 18 2010

Dallas Clayton, author of Awesome Book on his experience self-publishing a children's book.
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Yes there are places in the world where people dream up dreams / so simply un-fantastical and practical they seem / to lose all possibility of thinking super things. ... So please my child do keep in mind before you go to bed / to dream a dream as big as big could ever dream to be / ...
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October 31 2010

My social network on Facebook, as analyzed by the Social Graph app. I've always been a statistics nerd, and this is just endlessly intriguing. 

How closely do these common interest groups describe me as a person? Does that fit with my self-image? Am I fine with the fact that those are the only people I hang out with? How much does it bother me that the main clusters here are overwhelmingly male?
If this graph tells a lot about me, how much of this data is public? (I don't mind, but others might.)
The green area between the various clusters is where the best friends are found. How much of that is cause – are people who don't fall into one obvious category more interesting? – and how much effect? Good friends tend to have connections to several of the clusters because I've introduced them to eachother.
Should it worry me that 90% of those people are in Vienna when I'm considering moving to the States?
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October 30 2010

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Bo Burnham – Art is dead
I am an artist / Please God, forgive me / I am an artist / Please don't revere me / I am an artist / Please don't respect me / I am an artist / You're free to correct me
Live in San Francisco Nov 11
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October 24 2010

The fear that often keeps people from public speaking, talking to strangers, interviewing for jobs, etc. is typically driven by fear of embarrassment, humiliation, rejection, criticism, etc – that's ego-fear.

Fear is defeated by confrontation – avoidance only makes it stronger. Seek ego-fear. Hunt it down and soak in it. Steal its energy. This is, by definition, scary. That's good.
Paul Buchheit: Serendipity finds you
(Hope to meet him tomorrow at FailCon!)
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October 18 2010

Wer ist drin und wer ist draußen? ... Die gesellschaftliche Elite hat die Frage nach der Abgrenzung als Gruppe alleine verhandelt und viele Menschen weit im 20. Jahrhundert zurückgelassen.
Das ist die Integration, um die es geht: Die Integration der Menschen, die wir in einen gesellschaftlichen Konsens, mit wem wir solidarisch sein wollen, zurückgelassen haben.
Wie integrieren wir 26% FPÖ-Wähler?
Die Integration, um die es geht, hat mit Ausländern nichts zu tun · Helge's Blog (lose zitiert)
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October 17 2010

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Elizabeth of Allo, Darlin' – Dear Stephen Hawking
This is the most adorable thing I've seen/heard all month. Swoon.
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Unlogo is a web service that eliminates logos and other corporate signage from videos.
This is the first step towards a future in which people who can afford to do so will be running around with diminished reality goggles to filter out all the invasive targeted advertising. Soon thereafter, a nimble clothing brand will discover that logo-covered merchandise now actually works as a cloak of invisibility and find new ways of capitalizing on that. At this point the government steps in, requiring that all computer-modified vision feeds be passed through state-owned servers for safety and fraud detection reasons...click here to order my upcoming dystopian science fiction novel for just three easy payments of $19.84.
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October 16 2010

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RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms
Good points:
- Schools use way too many outdated metaphors from the early days of industrialization.
- Segmenting students by age is a ridiculous idea, there are dozens of much more sensible criteria (This problem is much worse in Austria than in the US!)
- Kids today live in media-rich environments with lots of things vying for their attention. Educational style, presentation and content hasn't kept up, and kids are finding it hard to concentrate. What's our solution? Why, just drug these kids with Ritalin so they sit still while we give them the same old boring lectures...!
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On September 23, we took a cab in Santa Cruz. Our driver, sixty-one year old James "Jimmy" Baum, was an exceptionally friendly guy. When he heard we were from Austria, he told us about touring Europe as a jazz drummer several decades ago, fondly recalling playing in some big concert hall in Vienna. We had a pleasant chat, and at the end he handed us his business card.
Tomorrow we're going to need a cab again, so Philip decided to look him up – and we're shocked to find out he was shot and killed in a domestic dispute just a day after we met him! Holy shit.
Here's a tribute his friends made.
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October 14 2010

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Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns tells gay teens it gets better.
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October 09 2010


October 07 2010

If I were only connected to people ... that I already knew — that I invited to be friends with me — my world would be much much smaller.
Openness, transparency, and serendipity are more interesting as general principles than closedness, opaqueness, and knownness.
Stowe Boyd - Facebook Groups versus Groupings
Bears repeating.
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October 04 2010

Sal Khan at Gel 2010 – if you haven't perused the Khan Academy video library, you should. Thank you, internet, for once again letting the whole world benefit from some enthusiastic person's charitable efforts in their bedroom.
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Soda Pop Stop: I love this guy's irrational enthusiasm. One day...
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September 25 2010


September 21 2010

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Yo Gabba Gabba! is a kid's show that includes a segment called The Super Music Friends Show where indie bands like Enon (above), Of Montreal, Chromeo, Ladytron, The Shins, Mates of State, MGMT and others perform catchy educational or sometimes just silly songs. This one seems to have an odd sinister message ("March, march, robots!") :) Love the animation too!

September 13 2010

i am an instance of the idea of me.
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